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WM8650 China Telecom Infotmic M7206 Tablet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mrfrustrated, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. mrfrustrated

    mrfrustrated Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I received this tablet last week and it was amazing! I loaded some great apps, some cool games, was trying to get my external hard drive that was connected to my router to map to a tablet folder... etc. I have purchased a few of the WM8650 and this was the first of them running Android 3.3.3 and it was an outstanding change from the poor Android 2.2 the other ones have!

    Well the battery died the other night and I went to turn it back on and (as it normally did) the word "Android" in green come on the screen and then the screen changed with a cursor in the top left of the screen (for a millisecond) preceded by a small white "Android" with a blinking cursor in the middle of the screen. Then it would load the main interface page. BUT NOW, since the battery died, it gets as far as the small "Android" in white lettering screen, then disappears and all I get is a black screen. The tablet appears is still on and running. Can someone help?

    I have tried the reset on the side of the tablet, nothing, I have also tried various ways of holding the power button for 5 sec and combination of the power button and the volume up and down, nothing! I am not too savvy on reinstalling the software, but I downloaded a few ROM zip files, unzipped them, put the unzipped files on my microsd, put the micro sd into the tablet, and I do not get anything, just the same normal green "Android" word screen followed, by the white "Android_"

    Where do I go? What do I do? I can not find the ROM with the Android 3.3.3 that corresponds with my tablet anywhere. From what I have read I have a newer version of the software for this tablet. Anyone have any thoughts? Can someone explain to me what I have? Most of all can anyone help me to get this tablet to load again?

    -Mr. Frustrated

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  2. Yoga101

    Yoga101 Lurker

    same problem? No one wants to help us! I am almost giving up on this Chinese Tablet!
  3. Creatin

    Creatin Lurker

    whatever you do dont use Eken firmware on this tablet.. even when they use the same processor their uboot info is different........

    Get M7206 firmware from HCH forum it will work on it.

    i got one for my wife this xmas and the battery is crap.. on another fourm they say they are working on it. so keep your eyes out.
  4. kootagamibob

    kootagamibob Lurker

    I created a long extension cord for the battery, Thank God I'm not experiencing O/S issues but I am frustrated with the tablet telling everyone that it is in China! I can not access various sites because I get a "not available in China" error. Is that really an O/S issue?

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