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Wolf and rabbit - at the farm FREE Android Game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by John77, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Have you ever seen that Wolf and Hare had a strong friendship?
    Of course, this never happened. If these two come together, then nothing can stop the Big Bad Wolf from hunting.
    But not all rabbits are as harmless as it seems. He is one of the characters in the game and be able to make himself on his forest-neighbor funny. But even if our cute bunny has the ability to bring the wolf livid, his fate is entirely in your hands.
    In this funny game you will be involved in the events that are going on on the farm where the gray wolf the owner is. Our Wolf has become a real farmer and our bunny is tired to be alone at the forest. It is the hare everything a little too boring and he decided to visit the Wolf and have some fun. Your job is to help the rabbit to have as much fun as possible. Collect items and use them for a variety of combinations on the farm.
    Use them correctly and you expect funny situations and good humor. The only one who is not gonna like it is the wolf. So don't let him catch you, or the game is over.

    You are about to see:
    1) The unpredictability of the behavior of the wolf.
    2) Many funny animations and sounds.
    3) Different levels of difficulty.
    4) stability of the application on all phones.
    5) Saves your Score.
    6) The game has been translated into five languages. (English, German, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian)
    7) Finally, a great sense of humor!)))

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