Wolf Launcher does not display settings menu

Tony Me

I just flashed a firmware update to the H96 Max X3
The box does get really hot on the bottom. Is this normal?
How can I cool it down?
The only problem so far is that Wolf Launcher does not display the correct settings menu. This is the back menu with white text.
Wolf launcher displays this white background menu instead and a lot of the settings in the regular menu are missing
Can anyone advise?


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Android Expert
That looks like the standard settings menu on an Android.

As for what is missing, without a pic of what was, it is hard to compare.

I would look under Display and see if there is a dark theme mode.

As you now also have a heat issue, that I will assume is new, is it possible that you instaled the wrong update?

You can (I would) put a fan on it in the meantime.