Android Enthusiast
Jan 19, 2011
Chattanooga, TN
Tempting Fate, I must say something about Motorola:

I am extremely IMPRESSED with my latest transaction. I purchased a Moto X on Monday, received it yesterday and within an hour had all of my calendar/contacts/music/settings, etc. transferred from the old phone to my new one. The only hiccup was in activation, because I wanted to keep my old/current number, I had to actually speak to a representative at AT&T for this process----couldn't do it on-line. (THAT also went very smoothly and simply, BTW)

So, I know it is only the beginning of the first full day with the new phone, however I am very pleased with the decision.

Motorola done good for me on this transaction. Thank you MOTO!
Glad to hear they haven't gone down the drain. They've always been a reasonable company to deal with. (And in my book, that's all you should expect - more than reasonable is above and beyond, and we SHOULD tell people about it.)