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wong start\boot. keeps rebooting

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kmack10, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. kmack10

    kmack10 Lurker
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    just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas. i have a sony z3 and it wont boot up. when i power up sony logo,android logo,purple screen comes on then o2 logo comes on then it does the same over and over. i have tried power buttom and volume button to rest it. i have done this before and it gave the option of safe mode. it wont even do this. i have pressed the yellow button in the side bit and it just goes through the same logos. tried then software repair after downloading pc companion and its not recognising phone. when it does and starts to repair it stops and says sony error. it also has come up android starting optimising then just loops again. can any point me in the right direction.hope this makes sense. thanks

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  2. Saigawei

    Saigawei Lurker

    Some hardware is borked, so it keeps rebooting? I'd check the UFixIt or FixYa forums for the things that usually make the phone bricky and see if any of those (e.g. clean screen, new Sony battery, phalacteries, lavender oil, offerings of liquor) set it right, or disassemble and clean (or de-sweat and dry) it until the critters fall out and the phone works or the critter ends up being a talking ombudsbeing for the world of magic.

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