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I usually download photos from my Galaxy SII once a week to my PC. This has never been a problem, but now it is a problem.

I go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>USB Utilities and it shows the 'Connect storage to PC'.

I click the button, and the Connect USB pop-up comes up.

I plug the cable in, and it beeps and kicks me back to the 'Connect storage to PC' menu?

I have tried different cables, and still the problem.

When I try a different computer, I can get it to connect, but after copying a few files, it disconnects, and then I try to connect again on that computer, I get the 'Connect storage to PC' loop.

Any idea what the problem could be?

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First off welcome to the forums :)

I have moved this thread into the Galaxy S2 AT&T forums to get you some better assistance.

Also, have you tried pulling the battery and restarting the device. This can sometimes reboot your system and might fix this issue.


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Check the USB port on your phone. If it is dirty, that can cause issues.

Alternatively, have you tried using Kies Air? You can transfer files that way as well.


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Thanx for the replies.

I have cleaned the USB port with alchohol and canned air - no change.

I tried Air Kies and Airdroid, and it dosen't work. The browsers can't find the phone, even though the phone can find and use the network. I changes the settings in Windows according to the documentation for the apps, and still it doesn't work.

I backed up the important stuff to Google drive.

Can I upgrade my OS with out the USB connectivitiy?