Root Won't boot past G1 logo when trying for recovery....fastboot works


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Ok guys. I feel like i have tried everything to get this working and now i will turn to my favorite community for help!

Im not going to bore you with how it got this way, cause I dont even know! But i cannot boot into recovery to flash Cyanogen 5.0.7 test 6. It just hangs on the G1 logo.

I have been using ROM manager and it says it successfully flashed @koush recovery but it still does not work. @koush told me via email to use fastboot and It DOES work to boot into fast boot. but says it "checking, loading, no image" so i have no clue where to go next.

I tried using telnet but I cannot connect to the server. I have seen this problem in the community but this other guys cannot get into fastboot. so im hoping since i can, one of you guys can help me out!!


UPDATE: So its working now...have no clue why or how, but I used ROM manager to boot Clockwork MOD just to see if one more time it would work...and it did.


hi, glad to hear that you solved the problem :). i'm facing the same problem. i only can get to fastboot and i dont know what commends or what software to use. can you tell me the steps you went through. thanks