Help Won't let me change background

When I first got my phone I changed my background (home wallpaper) to the blackish grey grid texture background. It has been like that for just over 8 months now. Now I want to change the back ground but it won't change.

I have tried both the preset wallpapers, and pictures from my gallery.
I have tried changing it frm going to settings then display, from long holding the background and choosing wallpaper and from tapping the left menu button while on the home screen and choosing wallpaper. It does its whole thing but the background doesn't change.

I'm using gingerbread and it's rooted.
I have tried rebooting and a battery pull.
I did delete the live wallpaper picker to make room as I wasn't using live wallpapers. Could that be it? I backed up the apk. but don't know how to reinstall that.
Also, it lets me change the lock screen background
I feel dumb not being able to change the background :\


Android Expert
Did you try changing the wallpaper first and then giving it a reboot, sometimes it has problems in applying the wallpaper and the reboot does that quickly.
I know i have the same experience too but I wanted a picture but i didnt work it stuck me with a crappy picture so i went to a different picture and then it worked some pictures may be broken :thinking:
I have the same type of problem, I had accidentally said to use the wrong thing for my gallery when changing a lock screen so now when i try to change it to a picture it only lets me crop in a square and I've tried clearing the default setting for the gallery and that doesn't work. Also, my time is all screwed up. at the top right corner is the right time its right on the lock screen, but its 2 hours behind on my home screen and 2 hours ahead on my apps. Also, if i try to fix this by setting my time zone it sets it 2 hours behind. I have no idea whats going on. If anyone can help that would be great!