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General Words with friends and other stuff

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dom601, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. dom601

    dom601 New Member
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    Sep 29, 2012
    Hello all.

    I just recently switched from Apple to Android and I am never going back. I love everything about the android using the Galaxy S3 and feel it's more advanced on my level compared to Apple. I do have a couple of questions.

    1. What is the normal average battery life you have with your galaxy s3? I would say if you use it on a moderate level. Sometimes when I use my phone I see the battery drain 5% withing the 10/15 minutes I use it. I know all about the task manager and syncing & the refresh rate of the apps but if you know any good tips that would help with battery that would be great. Also, they say don't charge it around 15-20% and don't leave it charged over night. Is that true? When I leave my phone on in sleep mode over night I lose about 15% from 10pm-6am. That's with power saver and all the tasks closed.

    2. I have the Words with Friends ap and I can't find the refresh interval rate like every 5 mins, 30 mins, hour ect. like with other apps. I go within the app and go under setting but all I find is just notification without an interval rate. Is it anywhere else? I just don't want it to drain the battery with it refreshing all the time. I also go from the actual phone setting and then to applications and I don't see anything that can change the settings. I do have the free version. Could that be the reason why there is no refresh rate?

    3. Does the android have a backup program like how itunes did where it saved all your apps, files, music, ect?

    Any other tips/advice would be helpful since I'm still learning everything.



  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer

    Dec 27, 2010
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    Welcome to the forums and to android!!! :)

    OK, words with friends, is a biggie with my wife. I'll go into her phone and take a look. Apparently that app does not have a refresh interval setting. My wife also uses the free version, so I'm not sure if the paid app has this or not.

    The battery will depend wildly on how you set your phone up, how good of a signal you have down to the app settings like you described with Words with Friends. A good practice is to go under your settings / accounts and sync / and check to see how many accounts are syncing in the background. You can disable the ones you don't use, or adjust the settings from here. I believe. I don't have an S3, so I'm not 100% sure. :eek: Also the signal plays a large part in battery life. A weak signal will crush your battery more so than no signal at all. Also the S3 has a humongous screen, so the longer you have that screen on, it's gonna suck down juice. Also the brightness of the screen. Go under Settings / display / screen brightness, and turn off automatic brightness. Set it about 40-50% (or whatever is most comfortable) and it should help a lot. ;)
    Go under all of your apps that rely on a mobil signal, and set the refresh time at a longer refresh rate. Keep wifi off when you don't have a signal, also GPS. If you're not using maps or a nav app, turn it off.

    Your music should be saved to your SD card, so it'll be intact even if the phone needs wiped. There are apps that will save a list of your installed apps, and allow you to install them rather easily. AppBrain comes to mind quickly. There are also root options(jailbreak in iPhone speak :) ), that will allow you to completely save everything that is on the phone in it's entirety. It's called a nandroid backup, a complete saved image of you phones NAND memory. This is a very great feature, but requires rooting the phone to have access to it.

    If you're interested in rooting, the section for your phone can be found here depending on your carrier:
    (International) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
    (Verizon) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
    (T-Mobile) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
    (Sprint) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
    (AT&T) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums

    Again welcome to the forums, if you have any questions, please ask, thats why we're here. :)

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