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Workaround for saving contacts to SIM card?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VividOwner05, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. VividOwner05

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    After a few days of research, I've read many posts on various forums that ICS doesn't support the exporting of contacts (from phone) onto the sim card. Even though it still gives you the "option" to do so, you'll get an error message saying you can't export your contacts to sim card.

    I know you can do the Google sync to back them up and all, but I'm just so used to saving contacts on the SIM. No, it may not be practical in this current digital age as it can only store contact name and number, but I like being able to slip my SIM into any other ATT phone and have full contacts on there without having to sync anything.

    Okay FINALLY on to the point of this thread. I don't know if its been done, but so far I haven't come across such a thread so here goes:

    To SAVE a contact (not export) to the sim, you can add a NEW contact like you normally would, and then instead of saving it to a gmail account or on the phone, select the SIM option instead. It will say that you were unable to save contact. And yeah, if you check your list of contacts, you'll see that it wasn't added (be sure to have SIM contacts visible).

    But, if you restart your phone, go back into your contacts and you should see it now. On my Vivid, it takes like 30 seconds before my "sim" contacts show up or load or whatever.

    So yeah, it'd be a pain in the ass to re-save 50+ contacts to SIM (as if they were new contacts), so its up to you if its worth the hassle. But I suppose if you actually re-saved all your contacts to SIM, it wouldn't be TOO bad to start saving actual new contacts to SIM in this way. The sucky part is having to reboot the phone just to see them of course.

    Does this work for anyone else? If this has already been mentioned already, MODS please merge this thread, or delete. I still love the Vivid and ICS though!

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  2. Astrobufff

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    Well friends, there is a need to put some private entries on SIM. Let me explain.
    My wife and me are both professionals working with the same set of professional contacts. Hence I use My Phone Explorer to sync our Phonebook, Notes, Tasks and Calender to be identical and concurrent.

    To keep my personal contacts / friends (and hers for that matter) out of the Sync list we would prefer to leave them on my SIM and her RUIM (CDMA) card.

    Here is how you do it.
    Open "People".
    Select "Menu" and then "View"
    Keep only "Sim" ticked and untick everything else.
    Go back to "People" and you shall only see SIM contacts.
    Select Add and fill in the details and you are done.
    This is how I do it for my old HTC Salsa Android 2.3.1 and Galaxy Y CDMA. (Menus differ slightly between manufacturers)
    Others may need a slightly different method


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