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Working CWM Recovery!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by asianflavor, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. asianflavor

    asianflavor Lurker
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    I found a working CWM recovery for the Spectrum 2. This is created by 985hPaKicK, an Optimus LTE2 dev. His work has already helped the Motion 4G guys here on these board. I have tested and was able to backup my phone. It is using the 2nd-init method to boot into recovery. I found this newer version of the LTE2recovery apk here, I have uploaded the file to Mediafire for everyone to enjoy.
    CWM Recovery

  2. megaghostgamer

    megaghostgamer Android Enthusiast

    Hi, love that this phone has CWM and root already! I should be upgrading from my OG Spectrum to this one :) One quick question, shouldn't the boot loader be unlocked in order to flash Roms. I mean Verizon had pushed the ICS update to us but then we had a locked boot loader, we did get it unlocked but we used the Gingerbread partitions to unlock it. So what I'm asking is, is it possible to flash Roms on this device and does it have a locked boot loader and if it does how does it effect flashing Roms. Thanks for your time! :)
  3. asianflavor

    asianflavor Lurker
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    The recovery is using the 2nd-init method. It's a workaround to the locked bootloader. Motorola phones use this method (DroidX, Milestone, Defy). I did flash a CM10 ROM from the LTE2, the Korean variant of this phone. It flashed fine, but inverted the top half of the touch screen with the bottom screen and vice versa. The LTE2 has AOKP, CM10, and MIUI. We just need a dev that can look into this issue and port the ROMs if possible.
  4. Hi! I'm brand new to custom ROMs on Android. I rooted just fine, but have a few questions about the next step.

    The CWM Recovery overwrites the default recovery partition, correct? Is there any reason/way to backup the recovery partition before overwriting it (I have Titanium Backup, but AFAIK, that just backs up files/settings/data, not partitions)?

    My concern is that I want to be able to return to stock in case something goes bad, if I decide I don't like it, or for whatever reason. What do I need in order to be able to return my phone to an unmodified state? In this case, I don't care about preserving settings or d/led apps or data or anything like that.
  5. mordant80

    mordant80 Lurker

    Actually CWM doesnt overwrite the stock recovery, you run it from an app once booted and that's the only way into it. There are instructions on flashing back to stock in case you break something or just want to go back here: Spectrum 2 Forum? - LG Spectrum - RootzWiki

    That will get you recovered from anything you could do to this phone since the boot loader's locked. (except flashing that korean cyanogen which inverts the touchscreen and we havent found a fix yet)

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