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Working cwm recovery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bad_MOFO_33, Nov 10, 2014.

  1. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert

    Just wanted to confirm this can be flashed with flashify to make it easy for others.
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  3. xry75

    xry75 Well-Known Member

    That's how i flashed it. Couldn't have been easier!
  4. camtheman2343

    camtheman2343 Member

    I'm a little on the unenlightened side, care to elaborate a bit? i downloaded LG Laf Recovery Multitool v1.2
    read this thread

    what i should do?
    extract rar
    rename to recovery.img and move cwm1_bumped.img into the LG Laf Recovery Multitool v1.2 folder
    Enable Developer options,
    enable usb debugging.
    run the Run.bat
    accept the rsa key on phone
    Back in the command window your device should be visible
    Choose H to flash recovery
    press any key after complete
    Should still see phone
    Choose G to boot into recovery

    bam I have installed a CWM recovery?
  5. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    you can flash it however you feel comfortable, thats the way i did it, but flashify works also and may be a little easier.
  6. camtheman2343

    camtheman2343 Member

    how then do i boot into it from my phone?

    edit *
    ok battery remove and vol- and power works. how else it work via reset?
  7. Bad_MOFO_33

    Bad_MOFO_33 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    no need to pull battery, just power down then vol- and power
  8. camtheman2343

    camtheman2343 Member

    ahh thanks!!! VERY exciting we now have a recovery!!
  9. camtheman2343

    camtheman2343 Member

    what about updating superuser with the recovery install working now? is this safe to do, it says install untrusted zip?

    edit* ha well went ahead and updated successfully

    edit edit* nooo dont do this breaks root!!
  10. donjuro

    donjuro Android Expert

    What zip did you use to update super user?
  11. halrulez

    halrulez Well-Known Member

    Awesome freaking day.... Guess I'll flash that z4 rom now. Backup went smooth.
  12. Sands207

    Sands207 Android Enthusiast

  13. lxebell

    lxebell Member

    Thanks just flashed it with flashy and took second
  14. spunky168

    spunky168 Newbie

    This is the best thing to happen since slice bread.

    To celebrate this momentous occasion, I give you the Android L Keyboard to flash.

    1. Remove native Google keyboard (NOT LG theme keyboard, if you want to keep it)
    2. Remove by backing up (just in case) and then deleting "LatinIME.apk" (you can use "System app remover" by jumobile in Play store)
    3. Download the Android L Keyboard zip file and place in your external SD card path
    4. Boot up into our spiffy new CWM recovery by pressing powering down your phone then hold down Vol- & power button (LG logo pops up followed by "Factory Reset Processing")
    5. Select "install zip" then "choose zip from sdcard"
    6. Install the zip file, and then reboot (of course, as always "fix root")

    Enjoy your new keypad. I actually installed this yesterday using old method with adb, fastboot, etc. but after this latest development, this is a cinch.

  15. spunky168

    spunky168 Newbie

    We need to sticky this thread
  16. Garner 27529

    Garner 27529 Newbie

    thanks for feeding my flashing addiction...ive been sober since the volt came out, and this morning i had a relapse.made a backup,cleared caches,reinstalled OS,radio,etc....now just need something a little stronger.....Roms...roms with mods, kernels,scripts,oc/uv,old school root goodies,.....thanks again for turning me back into a flashjunkie
  17. camtheman2343

    camtheman2343 Member

    It used its own zip that appears when you hit binary update when you first turn on the phone ^ breaks root and doesn't even update it

    this is still true if you flash superuser.zip then install whatever zip for the binary update then fix root with towelroot then "su binary out of date"???
  18. Sands207

    Sands207 Android Enthusiast

    Any thoughts on how to start on a Cyanogenmod build now that we can flash it? :D
  19. thejoker954

    thejoker954 Member

    I was thinking the same thing last night, but after doing some research it's gonna be tough unless we can find someone with rom development skills.

    Although if we can find an LG phone that is ours besides some minor differences (that has a cyanogenmod port) it would be a lot easier.
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  20. Sorry, if this is a dumb question, but here goes. I updated and lost root. Do I need to go through the steps to re-root before I try to flash this, or can I just flash this, then put the rooted ZV4 rom on?
  21. thejoker954

    thejoker954 Member

    Come on really? First this thread has nothing to do with what your asking, second there is a thread on the 1st page of the volt root forum that deals specifically with this.

    I know it can be scary/confusing to learn this stuff the first time, but people aren't even trying.
  22. aguba

    aguba Well-Known Member

    The LG L90 looks like an excellent candidate for this. The L90 and the Volt seem to have the exact same specs, except that we have a better front-facing camera and battery.

    Here's their development page on XDA. They appear to have working CM11, Paranoid Android, and PacMan roms, among others.
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  23. I asked a simple question about flashing the item discussed in THIS THREAD. I have flashed plenty of phones in the past. Just wanted a simple clarification. Do I need root for this or not? Try answering the question instead of being a jerk.

    Edit: Went ahead, and took care of it myself and just restored root.
  24. jessewcharles

    jessewcharles Member

    Don't worry about it, man... Couth isn't in abundance these days.
  25. thejoker954

    thejoker954 Member

    Sorry :( I did misread your post.

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