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Working MHL Adapter

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by homemadehitshow, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    I've tried 2 from Monoprice and one from Best Buy and none of the MHL Adapters have worked at all with the Nexus.

    Can anyone recommend a working one ?

  2. SBCT

    SBCT Member

    I was going to order one from monoprice myself. I guess I'll have to stick around and see what other options people chime in with.
  3. 4lph4num3r1c

    4lph4num3r1c Well-Known Member

    I were just about to order mine from Amazon today but I wasn't sure either. :-/
  4. DLCPhoto

    DLCPhoto Newbie

    This is puzzling, as it *should* work - do you have power plugged into the MHL adapter via the micro USB port on the side? Apparently, these adapters will not work without power, and some indicate that the battery charge needs to be fairly high for it to work, even if it is connected to the power adapter.
  5. overbyc1

    overbyc1 Well-Known Member

    are you using the power cord that came with the phone. I ordered the $7 MHL from overstock when they were a great deal.

    Had it plugged up with a blackberry charger and it would NOT work. Used the supplied power cord and it works like a champ.
  6. bhill

    bhill Member

    Yeah, the monoprice one worked fine for me, using the OEM charger as the power feed.
  7. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    Interesting. I have so many chargers I'm not sure I can identify the original OEM one. Any tips ?
  8. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert

    The cable has a vcast tag on it if you didn't remove it.
  9. Germwise

    Germwise Android Enthusiast

    Its all about power. If you plug in the power charger and you syill dont get singal just restart phone and you should be fine
  10. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    All tried and failed and all makes it kind of worthless.
  11. beeps

    beeps Newbie

    I'm using the one from monoprice too and it has worked fine.
  12. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert

    How much of a charge did your phone have when you tried it?

    I've read a few accounts of the MHL connections not working if your phone is less than 70% charged.
  13. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

    Alright. So using the Verizon charger was the trick. Can anyone explain the different in amps or whatever with that charger ?

    To me it's not practical to use. You have to have power, a large HDMI cable (and it has to be long enough to be far enough from the TV). Fun but I can't think of a real use for it.
  14. homemadehitshow

    Thread Starter

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