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Working phone without screen, how to access data ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neowasusuge, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. neowasusuge

    neowasusuge Lurker
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    Hello, I just broke my phone last week, the screen is totally broken (there is no screen anymore to be precise) but my phone is still working (i can hear my alarms). I just want to get back my files, i can connect the phone to my computer but i cant change the phone in transfer files mode so it's useless.
    I cant access to usb debugging without a screen so I dont know how i could do it.

    If anybody got an idea i would be really thankful.
    Have a nice day.

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  2. Hadron

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    Short answer: get the screen repaired.

    Any means of accessing the data requires unlocking the screen. If there was a way round that then the screen lock would be useless as any thief could use the same technique to access your data. If the screen has been destroyed then you have no touch input, so no way of unlocking the screen.

    Now there actually may be a way, but it will depend on your phone. Does your phone support wired screen mirroring (MHL or USB to HDMI)? If it does then you can connect it up and at least see whether you have managed to unlock the screen. As for unlocking, you can do that using a USB-OTG adapter to connect a keyboard or mouse to the phone and using that in place of the touchscreen. If you use a PIN you may be able to unlock using the arrow and enter keys of a keyboard to enter the PIN: I have unlocked a phone with a broken screen that way, but it helped that I had access to a similar phone with a working screen I could practice with. Heaven knows whether you can undo a pattern lock this way!

    The problem is that even if your phone supports all of this and you have all of the cables you can't see and interact at the same time, so you have to try inputting, then swap to seeing what you have achieved, then swap back to the next step. In practice you would want to unlock the phone then either enable wireless casting or connect a bluetooth mouse or keyboard, so that you don't need to use the USB socket for both tasks. I have done this, and I can tell you that the process was very tedious up until the point that I got the bluetooth device connected.

    Note that most phones by default require you to enable file transfer once you connect to a computer, and with no screen that will be hard to do (your USB socket will not be occupied by the connection to the computer, so then you will have no input method unless you can connect the phone to a bluetooth mouse or keyboard).

    You see why I said that the short answer is to get the screen fixed?

    One other point: you've not said what data it is you are trying to retrieve. Things like photos can simply be copied over USB, but not everything can. It might also be worth checking whether you already have backups of the things you are trying to recover.
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  3. the only other way to get data off of it would be to buy something like this https://www.amazon.com/ALLSOCKET-Internal-Interface-Smartphone-Retrieval/dp/B07B7M4CG1 but they are not cheap and if you make a mistake youll never be able to get your info

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