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World DroidCup (World Cup): Great World Cup App, Real Time Scores & Info

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by 93civiccpe, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Jun 12, 2010

    Jun 12, 2010
    World DroidCup is a great application for all of you Soccer fans out there. It is created by the jWhiteRabbit Software Team. World DroidCup provides more information and a cleaner interface than all the other soccer applications out there. **Yesterday they did seem to experience server issues where the original matches were not updating correctly, but the developer very quickly issued an update which fixed the problem.** This application is packed with information, scores, news, and updates which pertain to the Fifa World Cup.

    You can quickly review the different groups, and see where your favorite team is and who their competition is. It shows upcoming matches and times, current standings, a coverage of past games, as well as real time scoring. It shows all the teams and team rosters with pictures, and bio/information on each player. You can look at the day to day matches to see exactly what games are on each day and at what time.

    The real time scoring gives a text play-by-play coverage of the match of your choice. (It is also really nice in case you missed a game you can just look and get a quick overview of how the game went, who scored, and any yellow/red cards. The interface on the real time scoring is nice as it displays icons next to each text written line to show when a goal is scored (soccer ball icon), a yellow card (shows a yellow card), red card (shows a red card), fouls (depicted by referee whistle), and substitutions (shown by a red arrow for the player leaving the game and green arrow for player coming in).

    The news tab is great for reading quick news snippets of what is going on with the teams and players. Each article gives the heading and a quick 3-4 sentence intro for the article which helps you determine if it is an article you would like to read or not.

    There is even a stadium tab which shows you exactly on your google maps where all the stadiums are, and you can even see weather conditions as well as information about the stadium.

    One of my favorite buttons is the "Artillery" button which shows you a running count of what players have scored goals and number of goals they have scored. And if that's not enough, they already have all of the brackets ready for quick viewing, along with the finals bracket.

    For the soccer enthusiast, this is the best World Cup application that I have found. There is so much information packed into this one application, and it features a very clean and easy to use interface to navigate through it. It is an ad-supported free application, and the ads are very non-intrusive. They sit at the very bottom of each page and are only a tiny sliver that does not interfere with the application. I have not experienced a single hang-up, force close, or problem with this application other than the one server issue which was quickly addressed and fixed by the developer. I believe this is one of the best applications I've downloaded on my Incredible to date, and am looking forward to future releases by the developer (jWhiteRabbit Software). 5 stars out of 5!


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