Worth selling a DROID4?

What should we do with this DROID4?

  • Sell It! (surely someone will buy it)

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  • Sell It! (I want to buy it)

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  • Trade It In! (Verizon's offer is fair)

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  • Throw It In a Lake! (it is heavy enough it will sink)

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My wife recently gained 2 additional devices and is no longer using her DROID4.
I have no use for it but was wondering what the general feel for this device is? Is it worth trying to sell? Or should I just give it to Verizon for what they offer?

If I sell it I know all the classifieds rules here and will obviously abide by them :)

Thanks in advance everyone!


Usually can get at least double what Verizon offers for trade in by selling it yourself. If our classified section doesn't have some sales for you to determine a good starting price, you can check out swappa or ebay completed listings to see what they are going for.