Wot?! Nothing about Wimbledon?!


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The first Brit* to win in shorts and nothing on here?! :eek:

I'm no sports fan, but I would have thought it rated a mention: not too often someone breaks a 77 year losing streak.

* the Andy Murray o'meter is showing him as officially 100% British. Personally, I think this makes him English. Jus' sayin' :D

(for our American friends, Andy is a Scottish which also means he's also British. In the past however, outside of Scotland, as he progressed through competitions he has been considered increasingly British, right up until he lost when he reverted to being Scottish. His level of Britishness has been tracked on the above site)


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My friend who is of English descent is more of a fan of Djokovic than Murray. He considers Murray to be Scottish and does not have a national connection with him.

I'm happy for Murray. He now joins Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Hewitt as active players who hold mulitple Grand Slam Championships. I was actually hoping to see Del Potro in the final against Murray.

I'm happy that Daniel Nestor and Kristina Mladenovic won the mixed doubles Championship at Wimbledon.


Murray played a great game on Sunday against Djokovic, he answered everything that was thrown at him! He finally got his dream of winning Wilmbledon to add to the US Open and the Olympic Gold Medal :)


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The one kinda sad thing is that Fred Perry - who was possibly the best tennis player in the 30s and won Wimbledon 3 years on the trot - has lost his greatest claim to fame and will fade even further from memory.

Funnily enough, a biography was recently released about him titled, "The Last Champion: The Life of Fred Perry" .. and now he's not :D