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Would a Nintendo DS emulator be possible on the Droid?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CeeJayII, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Clock speed alone isn't what you need to look at. You need to consider overall processing capability and clock speed doesn't tell you enough.


  2. moxdown

    moxdown Lurker

    guys this is bound to get you excited ......


  3. MrNobodyWTB

    MrNobodyWTB Lurker

    Fact: You can not see the future.

    Also what is failed to be mentioned here yet is that Android 3.0 is about to be all over tablets along with iOS and Windows 7. Dual-Core 1GHZ NVIDIA Tegra 2 (NVIDIA Tegra 2) chips are on the rise, appearing in the Motorola Bionic & Atrix 4g (i.e. for small screen) and in ASUS Transformer (i.e. for bigger screens)

    This is completely possible and will happen given time in my opinion. Someone with the programming knowledge is bound to do it.
  4. Malicious

    Malicious Newbie

    Tiger Lab offers Nintendo DS emulator on Android platform

    Interesting eh? the people on here say it will never happen and what not. but here it is, while it is laggy and what not so were all the other emulators to begin with! I personally do not have much interest in this but you can find t yourself in the market!
  5. meandmyevo4g

    meandmyevo4g Newbie

    ya the tiger labs that app actually makes u download the real one on the internet u just need a app installer like app installer or ominous app installer but it is beast playing at 1 frame per second read description
  6. My Core 2 Duo notebook from a few years ago couldn't handle a DS emulator at a playable speed. I haven't tried my MBP's C2D, but I doubt it would be much better.

    On second thought, those DS emulators were unstable themselves. Perhaps they would work fine today. But having those problems on a C2D does not bode well for a dinky 600 Mhz CPU, even if it's OC'd.

    I think a Tegra 2 tablet may be able to handle it, though.
  7. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    Even a Tegra 2 will lag like hell. My Core 2 Duo desktop with an 8800GTS, which runs Crysis at medium, struggles with Dawn of Sorrow in NO$GBA.
  8. CyberPitz

    CyberPitz Android Enthusiast

    You people are kidding, right? My C2D E8400 with an 8800 GT could play PS2 games without issue, and you're saying you couldn't play a DS game?

    Did you have 1 gig of ram? Something isn't right....

    As for how it will all play on the phone, I have no comment.
  9. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    2GB. Not that it matters, the DS Emulator doesn't take up much memory and is CPU-intensive (my E6320 is much weaker than your E8400). I didn't say it's unplayable, the framerate could just definitely be better.
  10. You play Crysis? With 2 GB or RAM?

    Tegra 2 will have graphics processing power of a PS2. The question is the CPU coupled with it.
  11. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    Yes, it's not like extra RAM makes any appreciable difference if you don't use it. I must have said this about half a dozen times in the past week here. With Crysis running I only see myself using about 1.5GB of RAM, so 2GB is more than enough.
  12. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    "Two screens" didn't work on the Continuum and they won't work here. The fact is that if developers have to use a separate SDK, they won't. Plain and simple. Oh, and 3.5" screens are shoddy. Leave those baby-sizes to the iPhone users.
  13. UnNewGuy

    UnNewGuy Lurker

    Keep in mind i have no idea how to program at all.

    So i know most times emulators do need a ton of extra over head to run...but most of the time you are emulating the older hard ware aren't you? In the case of Tegra 2 it has 2x Arm 9 and 1x Arm 7 one the die...the DS/DSi use an arm 7 and arm 9. That should drastically reduce the over head needed in this case, shouldn't it? I would aim more for a tablet version in portrait mode with a split screen for a DS emulator.

    That said, with multicores out isn't it about time to look into Saturn emulation again?
  14. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    The fact that they both use ARM architecture dies should definitely help reduce overhead. Tegra 2 is a lot more powerful than meets the eye; it's time Android game development picked up.
  15. buutqn

    buutqn Lurker

  16. NiceGuysFinishLast

    NiceGuysFinishLast Android Enthusiast

    Did you even read the link you posted? It's a proof of concept that runs via VNC and and only runs at 1 frame per second.

    By that logic, running a regular car on lighter fluid is "possible", because it would turn over once or twice if you poured lighter fluid in it. But that doesn't mean it actually works.
  17. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    Did YOU read it? I see nothing about VNC in the description.
  18. UnNewGuy

    UnNewGuy Lurker

    Sweet proof they got going there...tell them to optimize for Teg2 now they will be up to speed in no time.
  19. DikoruMan65

    DikoruMan65 Lurker

    a PC has one screen (monitor) but DS emulators work on it... :/ if emulators wroked on Android, it would split its one screen into TWO SECTIONS
  20. useraaaaa

    useraaaaa Lurker

    some people not only stupid but also they have no fantasy at all.

    I have DS emulator on PC.
    it shows TWO windows on the PC Screen.
    everything works well.
    and i am using COMPUTER MOUSE on lower "touch screen"

    Tech specs: Both screens at 256
  21. useraaaaa

    useraaaaa Lurker

    It is possible to run DS emulator on PC
    and connect there from Android by VNC !!

    (haha. funny.)
  22. andrenap

    andrenap Lurker

    It IS possible. 'Very possible'. Screen size is perfect with phone in vertical. Tiger King has given us proof that you can actually do it. BUT it will take time. I mean, in the PS1 first times if anyone said he would emulate it in a tiny phone, everyone would call him crazy, for sure. And now we do it daily. The question is how long it's gonna take and how much it'll cost.
  23. zaphe demon

    zaphe demon Lurker

    its possible there are already some roms but its not called ds but nds from nitendo ds so there are already some didnt try one yer but if its on the market i bet it work

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