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Would anyone like a Lockerz invite?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DR0ID, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. DR0ID

    DR0ID Well-Known Member
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    Click here to submit your e-mail: LOCKERZ INVITES! - Home

    OR: shoot me a PM on here of your e-mail if you'd like. 100% confidential, i'll delete the PM after i invite.

    I will get you the invite out asap. (usually within an hour...unless i am sleeping..which i plan on doing soon :D going on 2:30 am on the east coast)

    Lockerz.com is a web site that users can accumulate "PTZ" or points which you can redeem for electronics and other prizes
    All you have to do is Log In daily and answer one poll question and get 2PTZ for each
    Users can also invite friends, family or anyone and earn 2 more PTZ for each person who signs up! After getting 20 people signed up you can become a Z-Lister which will earn you 4 PTZ instead of 2!
    Some awesome prizes include:
    iPods: Touch: 600PTZ, Nano 16GB: 425PTZ, Nano 8GB 300PTZ, Shuffle 4GB: 200PTZ
    Macbooks: 1000-2500PTZ
    XBOX 360 console: 675PTZ
    TV's: 3000PTZ
    PS3: 625PTZ
    Wii Console: 250PTZ
    All the hot new released video games for PS3, XBOX and PSP! 100PTZ for most
    etc. etc.


    They are going to start to have all their prizes in stock all the time so hurry and get started on racking up ptz...invite your friends...everything...

    it's a sweet site...no credit card none of that BS...if you don't like it then just stop using it...they won't e-mail you and all that garbage

    thanks folks.

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