Would anyone...?


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....consider upgrading to the newer Galaxy S8+? On one hand, they both run the same OS, but the S8 has a different & faster processor. Any comments, as I'm thinking about it?


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From the Note 5?

My Darling Bride has the S8+ and it's a gorgeous phone. Awesome display and comfortable in hand. Very classy phone. It's a shame all she does with it is talk, text, Facebook and Solitaire: I keep telling myself to save the money and get her a Jitterbug... anyway, the only reason I didn't pounce on it was because I knew the Note 8 would be out in a few months, with everything the S8+ has and more. The Note 8 Unpacked Event is scheduled for August 23rd at 10 AM Eastern. Livestream it on the Samsung YouTube channel!