Help Would I benefit from a custom rom?


I got a Galaxy S4 today to replace my Nokia Lumia 520.
I'll use the S4 to do phone calls, text messaging, using some popular applications (WhatsApp, Snapchat…), emails, browsing the web and debugging websites as it's a part of my job.

I won't have weird or hacky uses of this phone.

So I wonder if I would have any benefit (battery life, features, ease of use…) using a rom other than the default one.

Any advice?


Android Expert
Some popular apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat check if your device is rooted and will not work or be available for your device. I think the current Android version for most S4's is 5.1 and should have all the basic features you need.
Some custom roms for some devices have work-a-rounds to hide root and can get most apps to work.
I would stay stock unless you get tired of 5.1 and want to experiment and the model of S4 that you have has a unlocked bootloader.
If your S4 does your job well now, leave it alone. Custom ROMs are cool and all but until you get another phone that does your job just as well don't experiment. Heck, even official upgrades from the OEM/Carrier can remove features you've always depended on.