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Jun 3, 2011
i've had an idea for an app but i'm not sure whether it will be possible or not. Well, I think it's definatly possible, but it's whether it'll be fast enough!

Basically, I want to use the camera to detect a flash, and then if there is a flash, the phone's camera will flash too. Basically using the phone as a remote flash.

What do you think? Would I be able code something fast enough to register a flash on the camera and then set the phone's flash off?
It's the temperamental side of it that I was asking about whether it would eb possible really! :D

In theory, it's visible on the camera screen everytime my dslr flashes, so it should definitely be possible to code something to register the flash anomaly on the screen. I guess it would be kind of similar to how the old light guns (duckhunt games) used to work in a way.

Yeah, the main question is whether the flash would be quick enough as I'd be relying on the camera rather than a dedicated sensor.

And then the ultimate question is, would it actually be any use?!

I think as an idea it's alright, but seeing as I'd be using a