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General Would you recommend this phoned?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by southwales, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. southwales

    southwales New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 7, 2013
    I've been thinking about buying an HTC Desire C but am concerned about the negativity online regarding the battery life and also the unit slowing and becoming buggy over time.

    As the title says, would you recommend this phone?


  2. filip989

    filip989 Member

    Dec 29, 2012
    This is my first android phone, so I'm pretty happy with it. Getting to know all the little tweaks with android and having some fun. I've never been big on taking photos, so it's camera is not a big problem for me, it can take pretty decent pictures, but nothing spectacular, you don't even get the flash in it.

    Battery hasn't been a problem so far (I have the phone for 2 straight weeks now). Yeah, it's not the longest lasting one, but it gets me through the whole day, and I'm abusing it a lot. Wi-fi, games, text messages, recording music and talking. Right now, I charge it once a day, it charges up pretty fast, and I might recharge it if I'm going somewhere for a few hours and I'm low on battery. I downloaded an app for monitoring battery life, but the timer on it is not really good. I let it be last weekend, as I was pretty busy, and it lasted almost 2 days... so I think that's pretty good actually for this battery (I made calls and sent texts)

    I had problems with sms, but with the latest update it's gone (the phone used to decide to exit a message when I was writing, and save it, but now it works ok).

    It has nice audio system, works very well especially with the headphones you get with it (it's a beats audio system).

    I got games like Arcane legends (works really well), Doomdroid (works perfectly), Drag racing (lags just a bit here and there), SAS3, works no problem. I even tried GTA3, worked like a charm, but no sound, so I'm not playing it. Only problem it seemed to have was with racing games - Reckless Racing, Thunder Racing... every racing game I downloaded, I don't know why.

    And the screen is not too small, it's just a tiny bit, maybe a millimeter, smaller than iPhone 4S (my mom has it so I compared, I didn't think of looking up 4S's specs), and it's equally wide. It lies nicely in hand, the screen is pretty responsive for me (although, I don't know what's with the back/home/multitasking buttons, why don't they light up... sometimes you have to poke around to click them in dark).

    I had no problems with multi-tasking cause I got used to instantly turning off apps when I finish using them, but yeah, it can handle a few basic apps and tasks pretty well.

    The only real problem I have with this phone is that it takes some time to load my contacts, so when I want to call one of my last ones, it says "unknown" for all of them, so I have to wait, or to read those tiny numbers to e able to tell who's who.

    And one more thing I loved about it - I rarely used speakers for talking before, but I find it's ability to switch to speakers when you put the phone down really useful. I know that's probably a basic ability for HTC, but it's really responsive and I've lost maybe 2-3 words of conversation in total so far while doing this.

    Overall it's a nice little phone, great for beginner's android phone, but I don't think more advanced or demanding users will like it, mainly because it's specs.
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  3. Gods_Pianist

    Gods_Pianist Active Member

    Nov 8, 2012
    Office Clerk
    Butuan City, Philippines
    yeah, i agree with this guy here. i also own an HTC Desire C, my first smartphone ever. i have no problem so far with this phone..i can play some heavy games here even for the "meager" cpu as some call it..it's an HVGA and armv7 device. i can play NFS Shit, Asphalt 5, Dead Trigger, and contract killer on mine with no problem at all, except for the occassional lags..it has decent features for a budget phone and it's fine by me. only slight problem is battery. but i can suggest you buy an extended battery for this unit at ebay or amazon. try searching, there's a 1500mah battery, 2pcs in 1 pack at $11.99, there's a 2430mah, even a 2680mah battery there.

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