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Wow is all I can say

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tgulch22, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So I just got my SF a week ago, and was debating on rooting it....I decided to do it. I had rooted my Eris and liked it that way...

    I had lots of issues trying to figure out how to root it, mostly because I wanted everything downloaded and ready to go from kernel and radio to rom and all of it..so i did lots of searching...you can read the whole adventure here...lol

    Now that I am rooted, running dj05 stupid fast kernel with dj05 superdark all i can say is WOW, this phone is like lightning,..LOVE it...

    Thanks to everyone who has put in such hard work developing all this great stuff for us to use...cant say enough...

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  2. saps

    saps Extreme Android User

    Sweet deal and welcome to the family ;)
    You'll really enjoy Froyo which you can have now if you want it since you're rooted and with clockwork. Or take a day and enjoy the 2.1 voodoo goodness its pretty decent too
  3. tgulch22

    tgulch22 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I had froyo on my eris when i rooted it...cryogen mods...i dont see much difference with froyo vs eclair IMO...I might eventually get tired and go for the DL30, but i think i should wait until it is firmly stable..I have seen some issues with it as I was researching how to do what i did tonight....was worried since this is new and didnt want to screw it up...(and all 3 of my siblings work for VZW and keep telling me rooting is a bad idea) but I have the Di01 package on hand incase anything gets hairy...
  4. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Android Expert

    If you have the dio1 package theres not much you can do that yourwont recover from...but even without custom kernels and the various nods in them dl30 is great....really there is only q few relatively minor bugs/issues and the vast majority of the root crowd seems pretty satisfied with it.

    And generally speaking verizon employees I would think would not endorse rooting..well officially anyway
  5. NOsquid

    NOsquid Android Enthusiast

    There are a few very outspoken people who had issues, but dl30 is legit, and definitely faster than non-voodoo eclair. Plus new features.
  6. MonkeyGrass

    MonkeyGrass Member

    Yes there are a few of us that just accept this leak as a hacked, modded, and buggy early pre-release ROM that just *might* not be 100% reliable or even <gasp> have some issues. If it was solid code, it would already have been released or prepped for OTA. Instead, it's two revisions further down the line and still in testing with VZW.

    Listen, I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade. But let's at least be honest and admit that not everything is super-awesome-froyo-ness with this release. It's fairly stable, and most stuff works. Still a work-in-progress, no doubt.

    I mean, the Kool-Aid is tasty and all, but this is betaware and unless you enjoying rolling back, flashing Odin, and reflashing new kernels several times per day, you might want to stick what what we know works. ;) Me, I do like that stuff so it's all in a day's work. But I also use my phone for my primary line and business, so I can't be down for more than a couple hours, and not getting calls/txts/emails at all because my phone DIED and won't wake up is *kind-of* a major problem, ya know? There are others now reporting the bug as well.

    For the record, I am finally on a stable DL30 build, but it's the full one that I had to customize with some apks from Adryn's package to make it look and act like I wanted. The SuperClean 1.0 leak kept hitting me with the sleep-bug and after 3 days of not knowing if my phone was actually going to wake up when I pressed the power button, it was time to find something a bit more stable.

    My take is simple - flash DL30 if you really want it, but it's no faster (and in many cases slower) than the uv'd and or OC'd custom kernels and ROM's we're running based off DJ05/DL09. Battery life suffers accordingly. And make super-sure you have a solid, tested nandroid backup of your 2.1 setup - WITH THE KERNEL that it was paired with. That way you can flash back to 2.1 if DL30 starts to get a little flaky on you.

    As always, YMMV and I'm simply reporting my experiences with DL30. :cool:
  7. reisb

    reisb Android Enthusiast

    I think they meant the std DL30-leak from VZW is stable. Superclean will come across some issues and you may want items that were deleted by ad so it may not be for all.

    DL30-leak as I'm sure EB01 will be fine to flash.

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