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Wow! My Samsung S6 Edge + reboots when i receive phone calls. Only from certain numbers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ValentinJesse, Feb 19, 2016.

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    I have this strange issue where my S6 Edge+ semi-reboots when someone calls me. (right after the notification of being called appears) Not from all numbers, only one (probably from others too, couldn't test further). I've tried to wipe the cache, delete cache from "phone" application, "contact app" etc, but to no avail.

    After a few more tries, i tried to put the mobile on "silent" and "mute" and guess what: I could receive the phone calls from that particular number. Well, when i activate the sound and proceed to call the S6 Edge+ again, it reboots every time.

    The most interesting thing is that when i tried to call my S6 Edge+ from other phones i had no problems. I've tried to call from a landline and from another S6 Edge+ and it worked without issues. The reboot of my S6 Edge+ only happens when i have the "sound" enabled and i call it from a "Galaxy A5". When i switch to "silent" or "mute", i can receive calls from that Galaxy A5.
    This is very odd. Also, after some of the reboots that happened during being called, my screen started to display some skewed colors. Something similar to 8bit colors. It usually fixes itself when i shut down and power-on the display via the "power" button

    Is there a fix for this ? A factory reset seems like such a bad idea, considering that i have a lot of data in my phone.

    Thank you!

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