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Support WPA/WPA2 Encryption Bug?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RMOP, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. RMOP

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    Nov 25, 2010

    Nov 25, 2010
    This might have been covered elsewhere, but I can't find a full solution in any event.

    I'm new to Android but old to WiFi-connected smart phones.

    1) MyTouch 4G can't "see" a non-broadcasting SSID. Annoying, but for a temporary work-around, I am using HiddenSSID Enabler. As the options and interface on that micro-app are so few and spartan, I can't tell if you have to manually enter a hidden SSID each time you want to re-connect, or if the entered SSID name is saved for future re-use. Important to me, as I switch between to locations, and don't want to have to manually enter an SSID name in HiddenSSID Enabler each time I change locations. Anyone know how this works? I'll find out soon enough, however...

    BTW: I tried hiding the SSID (before using HiddenSSID Enabler) after first establishing an Android->Router connection while the SSID was being broadcast. The Android dropped the connection and could no longer see the signal. It reconnected as soon as I re-enabled broadcasting.

    2) The really BIG problem (and relevant to the title of the post) is that my phone was unable to use one or more of the special characters in my 63-character WPA Encryption Key. One post somewhere blamed the "\" or "/" character. My prior key had those, I believe, and many others, such as this example key:

    [FONT=courier new,courier]hUSQ38(5\&P-'@@!Q)m94`IIi:&F[nHS>n;_n_,O+*2t*(4Fu&s1avF1w5|C{UG

    obtained from Home of Gibson Research Corporation. It simply will not work with my MyTouch 4G, though EVERY OTHER DEVICE I OWN is happy with it. Other happy devices include multiple Nokia phones, Palm TX, laptops, netbooks, etc. They all work fine with my Netgear SRXN3205 router and with my Linksys WTR54G Travel Router.

    I changed to mixed-case A/N such as in this
    [/FONT]example key[FONT=courier new,courier]:

    [/FONT][FONT=courier new,courier]sUnBw9Y85q3Z7Lv6sRX9XWwm47Q23FEQrOSo1WWKUhflZsdciQFZW8s5y6o5OzA

    It works fine, though what a thrash to change out keys on all of the devices which connect to those routers, all because my Android chokes on the special characters.

    I'd appreciate hearing if others have had similar experiences, and especially would like to know of better solutions. There's really no excuse for such a bug.



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