Mr Jonezee

Jul 14, 2017
i'm not sure what the kid did at the VZ store the other day when i got the s8 - but he wiped all my tunes off my SD card. no biggie i got back up- - but every time i drop my SD card in my computer it - tells me the disc is write protected and i can't drop my tunes on the card- i tried 2 different card - 128Gb and 64 Gb- never had an issue before

- no the lock on the SD card itself was not locked?

this if very frustrating



thank you
First thing you need to do is run antivirus on your SD card. If it is clean you will need to edit your registry on your PC to enable card access.

If you are familiar with editing the registry, go to regedit and following registry entry: –“Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies”
On the right-hand side of the window against this key, look for "Write protect".
Double-click on this and change the value to 0.
Close the registry and restart the PC.

If it still cannot read your SD card, you will have to use Diskpart to change its attributes.

Getting a little complicated, but post if you want further instructions.

Thanks - im tech savy-but def not comfortable following your resolution by any means