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Wrong contact shown on incoming call

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by JeremyJ, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. JeremyJ

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    I have an issue with the wrong contact showing for certain incoming calls. The problem arises becasue I have a second, similar contact entry for a couple people.

    Basically, I have one contact entry for Joe Blow at 123-456-7890.
    Additionally, I have a separate contact entry of "Forward voicemail to Joe Blow", to forward an external mailbox to his phone number (something we have to do for work). This involves a long string of typing - the voicemail number, a couple pauses, a code and finally his phone number - so it ends up something like "805-555-1212,,999,,123-456-7890".

    The problem is that when he calls me directly, my phone always shows the caller as "Forward voicemail to Joe Blow" instead of just "Joe Blow". This is irritiating because if I try and call him back from the call log, it actually dials the external voicemail number string, not him.

    I've tried altering the contact names so they are in different alphabetical order, etc., but it always matches the wrong contact entry for him (technically, they both contain his phone number, but you would think it would choose the exact match). This is also true several other people that I also have the "forward" entry for.

    Any ideas of how I can work around this behavior?

    I'm using a Galaxy S3 running Android 4.0.4, and am hooked up to my work email & contacts using Exchange ActiveSync.

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