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WTB an Unlocked (GSM/CDMA) with good Music player (sound quality) & good gaming. (Xperia Play Y/N?)

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ReDDs3D, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ReDDs3D

    ReDDs3D Member
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    Basically I want to buy an unlocked android phone (I'm living in asia right now, but going back to the states soon for break, so figuring out what to order on amazon). Budget is probably no more than ~300 USD

    I've owned an android before, a Droid X, and it had served me well, it was fast for it's time, and did a good job with alot of things, and the option of roms available was just plethoric, which was really nice, but that doesn't work in asia (shanghai, cn), as it's locked to verizon cdma

    However, I'm thinking of getting another working android.

    What I want the most in my android is

    -Good music, sound quality. I really wanna replace my iPod touch, as I don't like carrying around 2 devices (a phone and an mp3), but damnit, all the android music players and sound quality I know are serviceable and the iPod just does that better, and I am trying to find something to replace it.

    -Gaming, so I want a powerful phone. But I dont NEED that much of a powerful phone either, I'm not that into the casual and superficial games in the market, I'm an emulator person, as long as the phone can emulate GBA, SNES, GENISIS, N64, and PSX reasonably, I'm fine, HOWEVER, I do somewhat wanna play the latest games such as GTAIII, Real Racing 2, and Dead Space....

    -Camera. Not as big on it, but I am big on pictures, and I would really like a phone with atleast a pretty good camera (my droid X camera was a bit on the grainy side :S)

    I was thinking about getting the Xperia Play, seeing how it is ~270, has the game controls, which I LOVE (I would anyday take physical buttons over touch screen, but that can be debatable), and being Sony Ericson, I am GUESSING (so help me out here) that it has good sound and music. Not the most powerful, but can also be overclocked to ~1.6GHZ, which can run a good amount of apps.

    What do you think about the Xperia Play, and if it isn't that good, what are my other options that fit my criterion (I don't absolutley NEED the psychical game controls the play has, but they seem really nice, and me bieng a gamer would love them, but then again, if I can get a phone that handles music really well, and is powerful and just has a touch screen, I just might prefer that)

    Thanks! :D

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  2. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja

    what about the sony xperia play? it is an emulating gaming android device, but to buy it straight out for just $300 usd, im not sure you can, but i wouldnt say you cant. you can just try it out and see. i was under the impression those prices are in the $4-$500 range

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