Help X freezing and killing my battery before I realize it

Well my phone locked up for about the 15th time today and effectively killed the battery in the process..again. Not sure what is causing my phone to do this but it is very undesireable.

Today at lunch about 2 hours ago, my phone had 50% battery left. That was at about 12pm. Well I looked at my phone at about 1pm and the battery was at 20%. The surface of the phone was hot. Every time it does this, I pull the battery and bring the phone back up. Today it came back up, and then within 20 minutes it was gone. it went from 20 to 15 to 10 and then 5 and gone. Just long enough for me to get a txt out to my wife and my friend, both of whom I was carrying on texting conversations with.

My phone is my only contact with the outside world, and this sucks. I don't have a charger here at work or in my car, so I won't even be able to check messages, receive calls, or anything until abpout 6pm tonight. I need for this phone to work because I depend on it for work.

Other things I have experienced recently are having a call beep in on the other line while I am talking, and when I tap switch nothing happens.

General lagging. the phone is slow about doing anything, especially typing or calling. i will type 10 or 15 letters out and nothing will show up, all the sudden they all appear at once. My phone acts just like a computer with a virus.

What can I do to fix this problem?


Extreme Android User
I had a goofy app once that was using cpu, but when I rebooted it settled down.

I only ran it once for about a week. I don't run it unless I have a problem.