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X often switches into 1X even in metro areas

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by THCincredible, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. THCincredible

    THCincredible Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So I was riding down Interstate 40 last night in the 10 or so miles between RDU airport and Raleigh NC and I noticed that I was in 1X for data. I kept an eye on it the rest of the night while I was in Raleigh and it spent a fair amount of time in 1x even after updating the towers (*228). Has anyone else noticed this or found a problem with an X switching to 1X often?

    BTW - I had an incredible for a month or so and didnt notice it using 1X very often at all.

  2. Kamikaze77

    Kamikaze77 Newbie

    Have noticed it too, hopefuly gets fixed soon.
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  3. vtroid5

    vtroid5 Well-Known Member

    toggle airplane mode helps
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  4. redgtconv

    redgtconv Member

    I have had that too on 2 different Droid x phones. So it is not a particular unit problem. It is either a problem with the Droid x as a whole, or it is a Verizon problem. Is it possible that their system is now getting bogged down with all of the newly added smartphones they have sold?
  5. sharpgator

    sharpgator Newbie

    I have the same problem. I will be showing 1X even when I am in area I know has had 3g service in the past. In fact I checked it against my blackberry and found plenty of times when my DX is in 1X mode while the BB is 3g. I think it is a software issue and would love to see it get fixed. Will try the Airplane toggle idea.
  6. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    Have you tried checking your data connection when this happens or are you just observing the icon?

    I have a coworker with a DX and spent a bunch of time playing with it before ordering one. I noticed his phone was occasionally in 1x but if I called up a web browser and started browsing, it was fast and after just a second the icon would switch to 3G.
  7. lexluthor

    lexluthor Android Expert

    I got stuck in 1x this morning in an area I knew was 3G. I toggled airplane mode and got back to 3G.

    But, I did note something interesting. I was streaming a fairly high bitrate shoutcast station at the time and I didn't get any buffering. I wonder if I was really in 3G, but the phone was displaying 1x?
  8. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Android Expert

    Never seen the 1X symbol :)
  9. Napalm

    Napalm Android Expert

    Mine will bounce back and forth occasionally especially at the office (on airport property at MEM)

    But it if very short periods of time and I assumed it was normal. never stays in 1 for longer than 3-5 minutes. And never when using internet connection.
  10. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    Just yesterday, I noticed the 1X showing up which I'm guessing is due to many people on the network as this only happened to me during the day & not in the evening. I just toggle the 3G icon on my SwitchPro widget to go back to 3G. I hope this is just a temporary thing...
  11. dookie1

    dookie1 Well-Known Member

    didn't realize the switchpro app had a 3g toggle. do they call it, uh, '3g'...or something else?
  12. inphoenix

    inphoenix Well-Known Member

    Yes DX does that. Never had that issue with my Droid. It is very irritating. Hopefully they will fix it soon.
  13. Kipmaslonka

    Kipmaslonka Lurker

    you all may be covering the antenna at the bottom of the phone by holding it in your hand that way. Either cover the top of the phone when holding it or hold it with your fingertips, giving the antenna plenty of holes to receive data.

    If the phone does switch to 1x, there must be no data transfer for an entire update length (10 seconds) before the phone will attempt to kick back into 3g.
  14. cwaterhouse

    cwaterhouse Lurker

    Have the same problem here. It hapens in areas I know have good 3g coverage even if it is not being held.
  15. john0821

    john0821 Android Enthusiast

    Isn't it the 3G-2G icon? :thinking:

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