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X-post from "Games": Beads

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by brugd, Aug 18, 2010.

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    X-posted from "Android games". It might be better suited here.

    I am an independent developer and have written the game Beads that has been available on Market for free for some weeks now. It is a puzzle game in the "match color" category (like e.g. Jewels), but it is not a clone of any existing game that I am aware of.
    The feedback I have gotten from the comments on market have been mostly positive but they don't really tell you very much in detail and I would really like to get some more detailed comments, suggestions, complaints etc.

    QR-code to the game on market:

  2. tinjacode

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    First off, your Market description was right about Beads being addictive. Even though it's a simple game, it's a perfect time-waster when standing in line or waiting at a restaurant. I usually stay away from games that seem like they might be similar to Bejeweled, but I was glad to be surprised by your game.
    In short, great concept for a game. Also, I liked that the ads are only in the menu and not the actual game itself - ads during gameplay have ruined a few other Android games for me.

    Suggestions / Comments:
    - The Easy, Normal and Hard modes can feel a little slow at times with no timer on them, since you can spend all day looking for the best column to shoot. When I'm feeling like a perfectionist, I can spend 30-60 seconds deciding on a single shot. A shot timer, like 10 or 15 seconds, wouldn't be too annoying, but also wouldn't allow the player to spend a minute analyzing the board. On the other hand, those modes take more thought than the timed modes, and maybe that's what you were going for.
    - I couldn't remember what each bomb bead was, even after I read the help page. Whenever a bomb came up, I just shot it randomly since I couldn't tell which kind it was. It also took me a little while to realize that I had to click on the bomb - I assumed it would automatically be next to shoot. There's probably enough room at the bottom of the game board for some short text about the bombs.
    - The help menu is a little overwhelming with so much unbroken text. I wouldn't have minded seeing some screenshots highlighting the areas of the game board that it was describing.

    Overall though, excellent addictive casual game. I'm really glad to see some innovation in an Android game, as opposed to another clone of an existing game.

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