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X10 2.1 Update - Issues/Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rosered, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Dem

    Dem Well-Known Member

    Updated to 2.1 tonight (non-rooted, unbranded X10i) and so not impressed.

    1) Scrolling through screens and menus is so jerky. Phone seems slow in switching between apps too.

    2) Backup / Restore: I did the "Back-up" as recommended. When restoring the contacts status gets to "Processing 99%" and no better! When I just used the "Home" key to get out of it and looked in the Phone book, I reckon only about 25% of contacts were there. Have just done another restore and no change.

    3) A lot of software does not appear in market "Download". Strangely, when I first went into that part of the market and scrolled through, I'm sure all the bits of software I'd downloaded on the phone originally were there. However, having started to download again from the top of the list, I eventually ran out of apps to download, way short of the full list. Where did they go? I found most in market again with a manual search, but that wasn't perfect. For example, I'd paid for Ultimate Juice Defender on my phone, but it doesn't list as "Purchased" (i.e. asking for me to pay again).

    That's it for now. Anyway, far from happy with this update. :mad:


  2. shody

    shody Lurker

    how can i downgrade to 1.6

    i need to find a way to restore messages from sd card that backed up befor with the release 1.6
  3. djd68

    djd68 Lurker

    Hello, non-technical newbie here.

    I have tried to upgrade to 2.1 following the instructions on PC companion.

    I get to the point where I hold down back and insert the USB cable.

    The green light on the phone goes on and then about 15 seconds later the phone boots up but then my PC freezes and nothing else happens. I have tried it on my laptop as well and it does the same. What am I doing wrong.

    Phone is unbranded UK and I'm using 02.

    Thanks for your help.

  4. arkangeluk

    arkangeluk Android Enthusiast

    Well finally got the debranding, unrooting, updating and unrooting again done and its working yeehaa! BIG thanks to slugpace for his patience and help guiding me through it. As of yet no real problems, contacts all there but couldn't get messages back (but no real problem there) couldn't reinstall apps but used app brain to back them up so just a case of going through them to decide which ones to keep. haven't noticed any lagging yet and all music pics and videos still there. Already had angry birds for itouch now here too. brightness seems ok don't know if incall volume any better no one wants to speak to me lol big ones for me were tethering and screen grabbing
  5. joemonkey

    joemonkey Android Enthusiast

    in 1.6, the LED is green during charging and then disppears once it's fully charged.

    in 2.1 the LED is orange during charging and then the green LED stays on even after it's fully charged.

    is this normal? i use the wall charge at night use my X10 as a clock, so the green LED all night long is a a bit bright.
  6. wynney666

    wynney666 Android Enthusiast

    Mine does the same, so have to say its normall.
    Cant see any way to change this either, unless theres an app?
    some one may know..
  7. joemonkey

    joemonkey Android Enthusiast

    thanks! at least i am glad it's not just my device since the upgrade. i wish SE leaves well enough alone. it was perfectly fine before when the LED goes off once it's fully charged.
  8. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Android Enthusiast


    I have 1.6, Mine goes light yellow when charging and changes to green when it gets to 90% and turns off when it gets to 100%.
  9. jackx10

    jackx10 Member

    now its not blue to notifications after update.... maybe i need to enable
  10. wynney666

    wynney666 Android Enthusiast

    Just an after thought, put some bluetack or something over the light at night ?
  11. joemonkey

    joemonkey Android Enthusiast

    i can also take your after though one step further. other have mentioned, after the upgrade, screen is not very bright even at 100%. should then use flash light as a work around???
  12. lavinius

    lavinius Newbie

    actually i tried the brightness test in a Vodafone shop yesterday and the 1.6 phones are brighter! by a decent margin! and don't test it by looking at menus as SE changed them and the colors to hide the inability to do 16mil colors, even the bright blue wall paper is GONE :) they try and make it darker as it chews less power so when 16mil colors come you will only loose a 4 hours of standby, test it by opening a photo! with some transitions from black to white and some shadows and adjust the brightness until you see the shadows at the same brightness setting the 2.1 has no shadows transition at all, crap.

    Sadly as someone else said ... the X10i is a piece of shit compared to the iPhone4, even my GF don't want it so if anyone in Aust wants a slightly used X10i (less than a week use) it's ours for $350-$400 inc posting, this is unlocked, i have no use for it as to me compared to the iPhone4 it's at least a few years behind the 8 ball, no native exchange, laggy (i haven't used it for log enough to "cache" maybe?!), worse battery life than the iPhone4 and worse screen than the iPhone4, 720p recording on the Xperia? you must me joing me right! it's hideous! skips frames all over the place, i only have the iPhone4 to compare but the iPhone4 simply demolishes the X10i in video, no contest there especially if the available light is low.

    I'll probably stop lol or i will never sell this phone
  13. jackx10

    jackx10 Member

    why people dont realize that its not the brigthness , , overall the screen is better on 2.1 looks darker cause its more contrasted and clear, brightness at 66% is brighter than 1.6 at 100%, 1.6 seems brighter cause menus have no that crisp clear brightness... so please to all people complaining about brightness take a better look and compare to other with 1.6 Os , and realize this new screen is near to an amoled of course not that good but brigher,
    other point is some miss the silent toggle, just hold down the side key down and put in silence in 1 second..
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  14. madmurdoch

    madmurdoch Member

    It'll be great once you've sold it...

    ... as then you'll stop posting all this one-sided totally imbalanced negativity about an exceptional phone :D
  15. joemonkey

    joemonkey Android Enthusiast

    According to the manual, the proximity sensor turns the touch screen off when your face touches the screen. This prevents you from unintentionally activating phone functions when you are engaged in a call. This was working fine in 1.6.

    upon upgraded to 2.1 while on the phone the screen never goes off when the face touches the screen.

    does everyone have the same experience using 2.1 ??
  16. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    Hi Joe, on 1.6 when the sensor is activated it just locks the screen. The screen turns off after the time you have set in settings if your remains next to the sensor. If the screen is off when you pull your face away, the screen turns back on.

    Hope this helps,
  17. Eddie Plum

    Eddie Plum Newbie

    There's a "Join Contact" function that allows you to make the details in one contact 'merge' with another. Try playing with that & see if this sorts it for you.

    This is now on the unlock screen. Press the power button to unlock your device and slide the slider from right to left (instead of left to right to unlock) and this will mute all sounds.

    I think the autodetect is now always on. The slider allows you to set brightness to a level you are comfortable with, while remaining visible. I have set mine to about half way and the LDR still allows the phone to adjust to its surroundings.

  18. Eddie Plum

    Eddie Plum Newbie

    Actually, mine seems much brighter than on Donut. I never turned the brightness down much below 2/3 on 1.6, but I'm happy running at 50% in bright daylight on Eclair.

    Yes, I noticed this as well.

    1.6 = 0-15% red, 15-90% yellow, 90-100% green, light goes off when charged
    2.1 = 0-15% red, 15-90% orange, 90-100% green, light stays on when charged, but screen lights up briefly when 100% reached (presumably to let you know, in the same way a Nokia beeps, but it assumes you're watching it!)

  19. Eddie Plum

    Eddie Plum Newbie

    Hi DJD,

    I hope I'm not teaching anyone to suck eggs here, but just to make absolutely sure you're doing it right, here's how I upgraded mine on Friday:

    * Download & install Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS)
    * Run SEUS & allow it to download all the updates from the Internet
    * Select X10 to begin the update
    * When it tells you to turn your phone off & wait at least 30 seconds, I turned it off & took the battery out.
    * Insert battery, but DO NOT TURN THE PHONE ON
    * Insert the USB cable into your PC, then the tricky part...
    * Hold the USB cover on the phone open with the thumb on your right hand. Hold the back button down with your little finger on your right hand
    * Still holding the back button down, insert the USB cable into your X10 with your free hand
    * Only release the back button when SEUS says so

    The green light should come on to say is is charging, but the screen should remain blank.

    If you have PC Companion installed as well, this might pop up. Just close it.


  20. Smoked

    Smoked Well-Known Member

    Just a friendly suggestion. Plug your cable into your phone but not the computer. Then hold the back button in one hand and plug the usb into your PC with the other...much less dexterity required :)

    As for why it didnt' work I had this same problem the first time I used SEUS and realized that by switching to another USB port on the PC it worked. Not sure why other than perhaps the one port gets a tad more power than the other but something to try.
  21. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    since upgrading to 2.1 i have been loving it

    Just come across i problem

    in the normal phonebook...it displays all my normal contacts from my account....which i like

    but if i want to send a message it displays all my normal contacts PLUS my facebook contact numbers...which i dont like.

    Anyway of getting rid of the facebook numbers from the sms side of the phone??
  22. Eddie Plum

    Eddie Plum Newbie

    That's a much better idea, why didn't I think of that?! :)

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  23. Eddie Plum

    Eddie Plum Newbie

    Not entirely sure this is the right thread for this, but I have a moan to get off my chest...

    Why do you have to use the PC Companion or SEUS to upgrade the phone? I understand that the download is too large for OTA (156MB, IIRC) but I could d/l it to my SD card over my Wi-Fi connection. At the very least, I could download it on my linux box, then USB it over to the phone. I very much dislike that I have to use a Windows computer (one of which I do not own!) to update my Linux-originated smartphone!

    The binary image you download is self extracting/self installing, so there is no need for Windows software to interfere.

    Rant over.

  24. Dbnguy

    Dbnguy Well-Known Member

    I seem to have a problem with Facebook update. It gets stuck on installing :-( I sync'd with facebook for contacts, which deleted all my contacts. So I deleted all contacts, SOMEHOW managed to delete facebook from the phone under the manage applications menu, re-stored my contacts from backup, re-installed facebook (which now works perfectly) but everytime I go into market, Im faced with this FACEBOOK INSTALLING message...

    Anyone know how to re-set the market?? :p

    Have tried the clearing cache, logging in and out of google talk removing battery etc etc, but nada....
  25. jackx10

    jackx10 Member

    hey i done that but i detach battery more easy and seus opened to detect my phone , so i debrand mine with xda developers global, did you notice that now we can charge phone without turn it on, and a big icon battery appear when charging=? im missing thwe blue notification led, when the phone reached 89% uncharging the led blink again when reach 90%, maybe is to protect battery

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