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X10 2.1 Update - Issues/Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rosered, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Please use this thread to discuss anything to do with the update and any problems encountered and hopefully what solutions you found.

    Please don't post until you have actually upgraded.


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  2. mikkis2k

    mikkis2k Lurker

    Live Wallpapers are avalible on x10 mini pro, but on my 2.1 update there is no live wallpapers on the phone, so guess we have to download them :/ so far the phone feels so much faster! love the new lock screen..
  3. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Oh how exciting for you, let us know how you get on with the wall papers and also what they do (if anything) to your battery life.
  4. mikkis2k

    mikkis2k Lurker

    downloading lots of live walls atm and finaly downloading launcher pro!!! lockscreen shows battery Percent!! :) great
  5. Breakerr

    Breakerr Newbie

    i live in the netherlands and sony ericsson.nl says that there is an update with new features and android 2.1 ( after installing pc companion but after downloading the update it states to be a mere 2.0 pc compagnion update (25.2 MB ) and i was just about to get happy....
  6. mikkis2k

    mikkis2k Lurker

    I have 2.1 on my x10 mini pro now.. i am also on 2.0 pc companion! it doesn't matter what pc companion version u got :p
  7. Breakerr

    Breakerr Newbie

    i think its just an error,

    its the pc companion update from the site and you update it from there.

    kinda stupid that they put this there then though:

    (its gonna be dutch for the dutch people here, at work atm so i dont have the time to translate to english :p)

    Wanneer de nieuwe software beschikbaar is, ontvang je een bericht in de meldingsbalk van je telefoon. Om te upgraden, sluit je telefoon aan op een PC en gebruik PC Companion. Dit programma leidt je door het hele updateproces. Je verneemt ook hoe je een back-up van je instellingen en data maakt en hoe je ze na de upgrade herstelt.
    Als je PC Companion nog niet hebt, download het dan via de onderstaande knop.
    Nieuwe functies zijn onder meer:
    - Verbeterde Bluetooth-functie met ondersteuning voor verzenden en ontvangen van afbeeldingen, contacten en meer
    - Nieuwe back-up- en hersteltoepassing met uitgebreide back-up van inhoud
    - Automatische synchronisatie van afbeeldingen van je contacten tussen Facebook en telefoonboek
    - Verbeterde verwerking van afbeeldingen, audio, tekst en cijfers in je berichten
    - Upgrade van het Android-platform naar Android-platform 2.1
    De beschikbaarheid kan afhangen van de operator en/of markt

    as you can see it states the 2.0 pc companion update but why add the text for android 2.1 and enhanced bluetooth options?

    feel free to share your opinion cuz we all want the update ! :p
  8. Epidemical

    Epidemical Lurker

    Hey, i know im supposed to not tell any problems before ive updated, but that is the problem. I cant update. My pc companion tells me that my xperia is updated, but it has firmware 1.6. Pc companion tells me that i can "install anyway" but when i update, it just stays at 1.6. Can anyone help me pls? :)

    Thanks in advance.
  9. toastedblue

    toastedblue Newbie

    the update is on a rollout, it's started in the netherlands region and will roll out to the rest of us over the coming month(s)
    when you get the update depends on the country you're in and the network you're on, T-Mobile UK have said end of November for their customers
    I'm in the UK and have an unlocked phone, so hopefully I won't have to wait for a network operator's bloated version and get a generic update
  10. Epidemical

    Epidemical Lurker

    I know. I live in Norway, and my friend have downloaded it for his phone, and he has the same phone i have :-S
  11. ison_machine

    ison_machine Member

    anyone have idea when it will come out in asia? please don't tell me we need to wait for another month?!!!:mad:

    im getting envious now. :eek:
  12. ozzy1212

    ozzy1212 Newbie

    hey i'm from the philippines and i've updated to Eclair...:p
    still no multi touch tho...:(
  13. Breakerr

    Breakerr Newbie

    only thing to reach the netherlands so far is the pcCompanion 2.0.

    so far its not letting the droid 2.1 trough, atleast not for me with (Hi/ KPN) provider
  14. ison_machine

    ison_machine Member

    good for you kabayan!
    im here in singapore but still no update happening.
    it always says, i have the latest software.
  15. ozzy1212

    ozzy1212 Newbie

    but i took a shortcut and edited my build.prop to reflect a Nordic/Finnish firmware...couldn't wait...:p
    so far...i'm enjoying the speed...:D
    could be just from a fresh install tho...
    and i couldn't get enough of Angry Birds too...:p
    i'm trying Launcher Pro now...
    and some live wallpapers...:)
  16. ison_machine

    ison_machine Member

    got my update to 2.1!

    my LED notification when receiving email, SMS, missed calls seems not to be blinking anymore...

    I tried testing it using handcent SMS wherein you can the your notification. but the LED indication seems not to be working. previously with android 1.6 it is working fine.

    anyone has this issue? anyway to solve it?

    charging and low battery indicator, the LED is working fine.
  17. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Don't know an answer but would Blink - Flash LED in Your Way, free app from market, force it in to working?
  18. ison_machine

    ison_machine Member

    I already solve the LED notification problem, it seems to be its the "setting profiles" app again. I guess it is messing around with my hardware controls.

    I tried to download blink from the market but it is not there...

    anyway problem is gone.

    now, i am maximizing the battery efficiency...
  19. Vanian

    Vanian Lurker

    I'm having the same problem with my X10 mini pro as Epidemical, although I live in Finland. The PC Companion says my phone is up to date, but it's 1.6 according to info on the phone. Tried to uninstall/reinstall the companion with no effect.

    What's more confusing, the phone informs that there's an update available when I launch the update service from "Settings/About phone/Software update".

    Already phoned the service provider but they couldn't help and said that there shouldn't be a problem.

    What a frustrating roll out of an update after a frustrating wait.
  20. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Have you tried via Sony Ericsson Update Service, downloadable from their website. I have seen this work where PC Companion says up to date.
    Vanian likes this.
  21. Vanian

    Vanian Lurker

    Thanks for the help! I actually got the update running via PC Companion after third uninstallation/reinstallation. I must have forgotten to uninstall the companion or something with the previous attempts 'cause now it started to work. Finally. Welcome 2.1.
  22. gt_dydx

    gt_dydx Lurker

    can you please give details as to how you fixed the problem with the LED not working. I seem to be having the same issue. LED on lights up when charging. But for sms or apps it doesnt.

  23. ison_machine

    ison_machine Member

    after the update to 2.1, this LED notification on email/SMS is working ONLY if the device is at sleep mode. when the screen is on it does not light up unlike in 1.6 even the screen is on the LED notification lights up. Maybe this improvement is a way on conserving some battery life.

    are you using the same as i did "setting profiles"?
  24. Ryan_

    Ryan_ Lurker

    I was able to update one of my Xperia Mini Pro here's the version:
    Model Number: U20i
    Firmware Version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version: M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404006
    Kernel version: 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1
    Build number: 2.0.A.0.504

    But I encountered a problem with the other one with this version:
    Baseband version: unknown

    I used the same PC Companion version 2 and it always detect that it has the latest software even it is:
    Firmware Version: 1.6

    Anyone has the same problem? I found a workaround to debrand the phone but I am afraid I might break the device.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

  25. Franny

    Franny Lurker

    I need Help.
    I updated my x10 to 2.1 and i have lost my 3g connectivity.
    it is always on 1g?

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