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X10 2.1 Update - Issues/Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rosered, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    As you know the update is due to start rolling out this Sunday evening, so this thread is for any problems and solutions your encounter on your journey to 2.1.

    Please don't post until you have got the update.


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  2. choccy

    choccy Android Enthusiast

    This rolling out on T-Mobile?
  3. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    T-Mobile have confirmed end of November to someone over on the big X10 so hopefully you should get it on the mini's too.

    I have no insider information just what's available on the net.
  4. sniperdude

    sniperdude Newbie

    Tmobile say the same in an announcement on their forums. End of Nov for the updates so I would say that confirms it totally.

    a month to fill the ROM with useless apps that nobody wants :(
  5. colpolite

    colpolite Newbie

    Is this t-mobile UK carrier branded x10 mini?
  6. simonlo93

    simonlo93 Newbie


    Can somone tell me how to update it please, I have the Update service prgram but when I'm on the 2nd section ''Connect'' it give you instrution not going to say it all but the first one say turn phone of for 30 second and so on. I did all that and it didn't work? Step 3 didn;t show up can somone tell me please.
  7. rosered

    rosered Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Is it that it won't let you connect the phone to the USB whilst holding the back button down?
  8. spatuluk

    spatuluk Member

    Make sure the phones battery is over 50% charged
    Disconnect the USB from the phone
    Turn off the phone
    Wait 30 seconds
    Press and hold the 'back' button
    Plug in the USB

    The LED on the phone should go green, and SEUS should go to the next stage and tell you it's okay to release the back button.

    I've got a UK SIM-free X10 Mini Pro. I rooted my phone and altered my build.prop to Swedish, and updated to 2.1 yesterday morning. Then I had to re-root and alter the keyboard setting back to English.

    After that, I've had no problems! Some things seemed weird at first.. The unlock key has changed to the middle button, the email/text notification only flashes the LED when the screen is off, and some of the program settings have moved about, but other than that, it's all fine! If I'm picky, Timescape seems a bit slower, but not much slower. :p

    edit: found an issue!

    Timescapes integration with contacts has been 'improved'.. unfortunately, it's made things worse, because it's added all my facebook and twitter contacts to my contact list, even ones with no phone numbers.

    There are options to hide these contacts.. you can hide twitter contacts, you can hide facebook contacts, and you can hide contacts who don't have a phone number..

    Unfortunately, that option doesn't work. I've selected all of the above, and nothing's changed - my contact list is a mess! :(
  9. seaside100

    seaside100 Lurker

    I've had exactly the same problem - am using windows xp on my PC, and have repeatedly tried to update but with no success. Have you fixed yours, and how?
  10. seaside100

    seaside100 Lurker

    I should also say that I've got a x10 mini. It seems to go through the first 2 stages, then just stops without going to stage 3.......
  11. simmy44

    simmy44 Newbie

    Bluetooth Is as bad as it always has been, and I can not now use copilot because since the upgrade the keypad doesn't work on copilot (default or thickbuttons) to say i'm disappointed with 2.1 is an understatement.
  12. Nessa D

    Nessa D Newbie

    Know the feeling!!
  13. lameplanet

    lameplanet Lurker

    I got my 2.1 update earlier this week. I have an unbranded x10 mini that I bought sim free.

    As usual, the youtube and picasa apps weren't installed so I had to install those separately.

    Android market worked fine though and was able to reinstall the apps I bought no problems.

    In terms of improvements, not much really. Better battery life and some improved features with things like sending contacts. The virtual keyboard for texting etc seems to be more precise. Also, the numerous dictionary problems seem to have been sorted. A bigger selection of widgets and some bettter ones. The syncing of Facebook contact info to phone contacts is quite cute. Probably some other things that come with 2.1 that I just haven't used.

    Otherwise, here are a few things that are not so good:

    - contacts syncing from google seems to be different and/or broken. After updating and syncing several contacts that were fine in 1.6 were corrupted and broken in 2.1.

    - definite lagginess in some places, especially in messaging. i deleted all stored messages and cleared everything out and still it's laggy when writing/replying to texts.

    - no camera controls. 2.1 is supposed to have extra controls to control exposure, white balance etc. the camera app doesn't seem any different than in 1.6 - i.e. there is no useful config at all. in the end i bought Vignette to compensate for this.

    - screen brightness seems darker. 100% on 2.1 seems darker than 100% on 1.6. can't be sure though. it would be interesting to put the two side by side.

    - glitches/unresponsiveness. it regularly seems to take more than one button/icon click to do things that used to just respond immediately. this could be just more general lagginess.

    - button changes... now, to unlock the phone I have to press the middle button and then use the screen slider icon. in 1.6 it was different buttons and no slider. personally i could live without the slider, it just makes it take longer to do things.

    Mostly though, it's fine. Not great, not terrible, just ok. And more up to date I suppose.
  14. Spewy

    Spewy Well-Known Member

    I updated to 2.1 successfully (X10 mini) and have restored from the backup, only problem is that my notes have disappeared. Does anyone know how I get them back or are they lost forever?

    (I have a seperate notes application downloaded fron the market but that backed up/restored ok, it is just the stock notes application I am having problems with)

    Any help would be appreciated.
  15. bryanspink

    bryanspink Newbie

    I did the 2.1 upgrade to my dad's SE X10 mini last Sunday and everything went OK. I know it was working on Monday as I downloaded an Audible file for him.

    I tried to add another file tonight and the phone has no internet connecivity either mobile or WiFi although the WiFi is showing as connected.

    I've tried everything including a factory reset and am now at a loss as to what to try. (apart from a call to 3 or SE)

    Can anyone help?


  16. peebles

    peebles Lurker

    I'm on T-Mobile in the UK and received a text a couple of days ago inviting me to upgrade but it says I have to connect the phone to a computer and get the upgrade via the SE Update Service. My problem with that is that my PC OS is Ubuntu Linux not Windows and the update service only runs on windows - any ideas or workarounds please??

    Tried to do it on a windows pc at work but the way the pc's at work are configured they won't allow me to install any software :(

    Seems daft you have to use windows for update when Android after all is basically Linux!!

  17. annndywho

    annndywho Lurker

    My friend informed me that the 2.1 update was available in my country and that he had successfully updated his Xperia X10 Mini Pro. So, I opened PC companion and it told me that my phone was already up to date, although I was still on 1.6. I ignored this and continued to "repair" the phone. This lead me to the update process, I followed the steps and after that, my phone returned everything to its factory settings. I lost all my data and everything.

    Does anyone have an explanation to why my PC companion won't detect the new software update and if there are any possible solutions to returning my phone to its original state.

    P.S. I also backed up my data before the update however when I try to restore nothing seems to happen.
  18. spinz78

    spinz78 Newbie

    Hi, I upgraded to 2.1 on X10 mini yesterday and the main problem I noticed is that the application 'acontacts' don't work properly anymore. I cannot see the contacts in that application whereas the dialing function and recent call list works fine in it. Anybody else having same problem or how to cure it.
  19. andynik

    andynik Lurker

    OK so the main system is fine but I've lost my contacts despite backing them up and can't access them anywhere as phone says not there. The phone doesn't ring when I'm phoned despite having ring tone set and being on audible and most annoying the messaging section has gone from the settings menu so I can't stop the delivery reports coming which I'll be charged for. Any ideas please!
  20. In the message app (main window) press the left button and there will be "select several" and "settings". Choose settings and then you can see what you're looking for...

  21. Hi, regarding the missing contacts, check this blog out
  22. alex72

    alex72 Lurker

    Hello all!

    Never mind. Just noticed how to delete browser data now. Very happy over here now. :) So the left button is the key to all problems where extra settings show in the particular section your currently using in the phone.

    Great. :)

    Will probably have more questions soon.
  23. doneill

    doneill Lurker

    I've just updated my SE X10mini pro with the 2.1 from PC companion and followed the step by step procedure, I completed the backup and restore as advised and all looked well 'until I checked my contacts' now I have lost all contacts stored under A's and B's and I
  24. .
    no stock live wallpapers in the update :S

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