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X10 Cases

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Crash27, May 29, 2010.

  1. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just picked up a case for my X10 from Rogers Store, It is the soft silicon black case, it also came with a screen protector, it was only $14.99, I thought it was a good deal seeing they wanted $19.99 just for a screen protector alone. The cases come in Black, Purple, Clear, Green.. I picked black and it looks amazing, nice snug fit, the buttons are easy to push and it does not cover the bottom buttons. I was going to order one online for I was wanting to get a leather one with the flip screen cover but I am happy with this one, Here is a pic of it. If anyone is looking for one the Rogers Store just got them in.


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  2. Busha

    Busha Member

    You could buy this for 5$ on Ebay, I did :)
  3. gqtrebor

    gqtrebor Member

    Me too :)
  4. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes I saw quite a few of them on ebay, I was going to go that route but I ended up being at the Rogers Store and they just got the cases in so I thought instead of waiting for one by mail I just by it there, It was only $14.99 plus it came with the screen protector to. I am still going to get one of the leather ones, I like the ones made by PDair, they have some nice cases.
  5. Loch

    Loch Member

    I bought one almost exactly like that except Smoke Gray, and a matte Black Hard Care at Pacific Mall a couple weeks ago.

    Personally I prefer the hard one, but to be honest the matte coating is wearing off it, so the soft one might be a bit more durable.

    When I went up there, I asked at every Rogers Store I could find, and none of them had any in yet. Nice to see they are actually carrying accessories for a phone they have carried for a month :)

    Seeing as how it is the top selling phone in Japan, I would imagine we will be blessed with a fairly steady flow of accessories for this phone, might just need to have em shipped in.

    Now, back to figuring out how to make this Lego Stand for the x10 ;)
  6. airplaneman

    airplaneman Member

    Are there more Pacific Mall's or do you live in Toronto/Markham?
  7. Loch

    Loch Member

    Not sure if there are others, but I did in fact mean the Steeles/Kennedy one.
  8. airplaneman

    airplaneman Member

    Oh sweet, I'm going to have to go there and pick one up.
  9. eugenekim618

    eugenekim618 Member

    I purchased this case as well from Rogers. I am finding that sometimes the 3 buttons at the bottom of the phone do not function when the phone lock screen is active. My thought is that the case is touching enough of the screen to mess up the response of the 3 buttons. Anyone else experience this?
  10. Crash27

    Crash27 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The problem is the skin is slightly pushing on the camera button, all you have to do is to lift the skin up and the 3 main buttons work, the skin has the outline of the button to fit but it does not line up the greatest, I took my skin off and spent about 10 minutes bending and pulling on the skin around the buttons to loosen it up and stretch it abit so it will fit better and since then it works great, I was going to take my exacto knife and cut out the buttons but I didn't want to chance wrecking the skin.
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  11. OmniCoRp

    OmniCoRp Member

    I would very much like the one that's completely see through, but i can't seem to find it on ebay.

    Don't that Rogers Store have an online shop?
  12. eugenekim618

    eugenekim618 Member

    Thanks for the response on this. Didn't even think of the skin interferring with the Camera button. Any chance that maybe even the volume buttons would be being pressed by the skin?

    I was just about to toss out the skin too, lol.

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