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Support X10 Mini Pro Message Problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stephanie_741, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    Hey all,

    I've been having a ridiculous amount of problems with receiving my messages on my mini pro. I'll give you some background info:-

    Last summer I had problems with sending and receiving messages either they were really delayed or they never sent/arrived at all. After months of contact back and forth between myself and Orange they sent me a replacement sim and all was fixed.
    In early December I began receiving error messages from the messaging app due to one of my conversations being too long, so I deleted said conversation and all was merry again, or so I thought. About a week after deleting the thread some of the new messages I was receiving were coming through merged with parts of old messages I'd deleted months prior. Strange I know.
    What I've actually recently realised is that it seems to be a problem with messages that are longer than one message in length; so the first part of the message that is within the limit of one message comes through OK, and anything after that is a random old message. On top of that, my messages began being delayed again.

    I contacted SE and told them what the problem was on several occasions and they insisted it was a network problem and nothing to do with the handset.
    So I contacted Orange next and told them what had been going on and they said it wasn't their problem and they couldn't explain it and sent a replacement sim to see if that changed anything. Its made no difference.

    I'm pretty much at the end of my tether, I'm seriously about ready to launch the pile of crap across the room. Is there anyone who can offer me some kind of help because ultimately neither Orange nor SE are interested, and I don't want to have waste money buying my 3rd smartphone in less than a year.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. as awful as it might be to try this, have you tried doing a factory reset on the phone? I only say it because perhaps there is an app or something that is conflicting with the messages creating this to happen. I always try to do the most I can before having to go in and get servicing. Also, try going to a place that sells all cell phones for all services, i.e. Carphone Warehouse etc. and see if they have seen similar problems across the range of service providers or if they have seen it a lot with Orange on all handsets. This could be a key to find out, then you have ammunition to go in and rip Orange apart or SE.
    I share your pain as my min pro is currently sat dead. :(
  3. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    Hey Stephanie, I don't know if it will resolve your issue but you could try an app like SMS Backup and Restore and copy all your messages to your sd card. They are still viewable via the app. Once done it also offers you the ability to delete all messages on phone, then reboot your phone and see if the problem recurs.

    You could also try the factory reset / repair option just make sure you have your contacts saved or synced first as it will obviously wipe your phone.

    Going forward it might also help to use Handcent SMS which has more custom options than the stock app and you can tell it what to do with messages of different lengths.
  4. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    You are not alone. I have just come onto this forum to find a solution to the EXACT same problem you are having. It usually happens within a fairly long conversation and for messages that are more than 1 message long. It merges the text just sent with a previous text from before, even if I'd deleted that previous text! It's caused me some great confusion. I had a text today which was merged with one that was sent to me by the same sender before christmas. he thinks the timing of the merged messages is the same. i.e the text he sent me at 4.37pm on 22nd December is merging with a text he sent today at 4.37pm.

    I have the same handset as you but am on a different network, Virgin. This leads me to believe it is a jandset or app related issue.
  5. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    As weird as it sounds, that is great news! I've scoured the internet to see if anyone else had experienced similar problems to no avail. Was starting to think it was just my bad luck.

    I did as you guys said, didn't even bother backing up my messages just did a factory reset and started from scratch... still no luck. At least now I know someone else is having similar problems, and that it's likely to be a handset fault, I can get back on SE's case and see what can be done.
  6. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    For me the problem doesn't occur every day or even every week. But when it suddenly happens it then keeps happening until I deleted the conversation. The one thing I really don't understand is how it merges a current text with one which I deleted from my phone months ago. Where are these deleted messages stored? On my phone or on the mobile providers server?
  7. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    See for me, it happens on a daily basis at least once a day, and sometimes 4 or 5 times in a row. The delaying of messages has gotten worse as well and tonight I've had 11 messages delayed by a couple of hours.

    Orange really seem to have no clue what's going on, however, I did notice recently that you're able to restore deleted content using the SE sync website, so maybe the content is never entirely deleted which is why it manages to reoccur. I'm not really sure, just a theory.

    I've about had it now, I'm going to talk to SE tomorrow and if they don't come to a conclusion on how to rectify whatever has happened I'll sell the phone. The annoyance, frustration, and inconvenience is all getting too much, which is a shame because I've been an SE user for over 5 years now and after this I wouldn't consider using them again.
  8. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    You should direct S.E. to this forum. As I'm having the identical problem whilst on another network I'm pretty sure it must be a phone problem. It's just rather strange that the problem hasn't been more widely reported. You seem to have it worse than me though, hope we find a solution :)
  9. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Newbie

    I have the same problem...
    Happend to me a few days ago, believe it or not - just a day after I read this topic.
    First, it mixed new messages with old ones (happend twice), and after some time, it just stopped receiving messages from that contact. But unlike Stephanie_741, I haven't deleted any messages previously.
    I've contacted my mobile operator, Tele2, but they told me that everything's fine with network, and that the not-receiving-messages problem is mobile phone's fault. They suggested me to try my SIM in another phone, and so I did, and I received all "missing" messages. After returning it back to my phone, my phone also started receiving messages normaly... for now.
  10. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    I have spoken to SE again and they have finally acknowledged that it may be a fault with the handset and advised me to send it in for repairs. I have included a link to this forum in the cover letter I provided and will let you know what happens with it all. Hopefully we'll be able to get it sorted and get on with our little lives lol thanks for all your help and comments thus far!
  11. Maartenh

    Maartenh Lurker

    I had the same problem. I received some messages 3 days after they were sent. Last week I haven't had this problem, but now it is impossible to call me sometimes.

    I know I have a bad mobile network sometimes, but not as bad as my examples make you believe.

    I have no problems at all with calling and sending messages to other people. It's only about incoming calls and messages.

    (android 2.1)
  12. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Newbie

    I hope this will motivate them to release an update...
    I've noticed that when I'm switching it off, for less than a second before it shuts down, I receive missing messages, and it can be even seen in "taskbar", although the screen is blurry.
  13. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    Hmm, for me the merging problem seems to have gone. What I'm experiencing now are delayed text messages, both when sending and receiving (I'm on virgin network). Often someone will send me a text which i don't receive. It takes until they send a second one and then they both come through together. it's as if the first message gets stuck and needs to be pushed through by another message. Message I send are not always received straight away by others either. Very strange.
  14. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    Well my phone has been returned to me, only I can't flaming well use it. I unlocked my phone to all networks using an unlock code when I bought it, only SE have returned the handset to me and its been relocked?! I now have to purchase another unlock code! Fuming.
  15. Stephanie_741

    Thread Starter

    Right issue sorted. My phones unlocked again. I must say, before I sent it for repairs I was experiencing the same thing @qaz666 was. The merging seemed to have stopped but my messages were being increasingly delayed.

    Like I said, its returned from the repair shop now so I'll let you know how I get on. If yours is becoming an unbearable issue though I'd recommend you contact SE to have it sent in for analysis.
  16. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    Thanks for your reply Stephanie. Messages seem to be ok today...I'll keep an eye on it and get on to my provider if it continues. Hopefully yours is sorted now, let us know how it goes. Also, did they mention what they thought the fault was?
  17. God_of_War

    God_of_War Lurker

    Hey guys can you check if your phone memory is below 20mb or so and does that notification appear on the top left. If so start deleting apps until your memory is above 25mb on the internal memory of the phone until the notification low memory dissappears. Worked for me, so i guess it might not be the sim or the phone in its self.
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  18. Danelius90

    Danelius90 Lurker

    I've had the same issue just noticed it starting today. I had apparently been sent some messages yesterday but not received any. I've just rooted the phone this week too, so I was worried I've mucked it up or something... but suddenly a flurry of texts came through from today (not the ones from yesterday though).

    I'm with 3 and has 2.1-update 1 (thats how I got it, hasn't been updated since I've had it)
    The texts came through as I was updating some apps, don't know if that had anything to do with it. And I did have the 'low on space' message, removed loads of stuff but didn't do anything until I was updating the apps.
    just to pool some more info:)
  19. danmontage

    danmontage Lurker

    I have the same problem. I have tried all kinds of things. How messages are merged with deleted ones, God only knows. Doing a 'repair' via PC companion now. 80MB free. Did anyone resolve this, I see it's been a few months since the previous post.
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  20. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Newbie

    The problem just resolved it by itself, somehow. There was a period for like a week a month of two ago when it was merging messages like crazy, but since then, the problem hasn't appeard again. It probably will appear again, but I just got used to it... it's far less irritating than the not-sending-messages problem.
  21. ronin__69

    ronin__69 Lurker

    Thanks. I couldn't receive and messages for the past three days. deleted a few apps and all messages (backlogged) came rushing in. Hadn't thought that low memory would be a problem. X10 mini pro is my first android. such silly problems prove to be a huge let down.
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  22. qaz666

    qaz666 Lurker

    No more merged texts but still having the occasional messgae that is sent to me go 'missing'.
  23. annoyedtoday

    annoyedtoday Lurker

    I have exactly the same problem, it started with delayed messages and mash-ups of messages, the message thread got increasingly glitchy and now it takes forever to load - then won't show me anything, just a blank page. it won't let me send messages either.

    It's only ONE message thread that's screwing up, everything else works fine. this leads me to believe that it comes down to the ridiculous amount of messages in that particular thread, which i'm reluctant to delete because i'm rather attached to the conversation (if anyone know how to save messages to the computer or something, please tell me haha :p).

    My internal phone memory is at 100mb. I'm also on Virgin network and i foundt hat at the start, when the messages started going "missing," it was mainly messages from other Virgin users.

    anyway i was just relieved to find i'm not the only one. getting prepared for a long chat with sony ericsson staff members on the weekend now that i know it's not the network's problem!
  24. annoyedtoday

    annoyedtoday Lurker

    Anyone who is still struggling with this issue, today I downloaded "MyPhoneExplorer" which syncs with your phone and you can save all your messages as a Wrod/OpenOffice etc. document. This may not be a solution for some of you, but I just wanted a copy of all my messages before I deleted them, and this seems to work!
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  25. Dusi

    Dusi Lurker

    I had the same problem, too - the phone suddenly stopped receiving sms and stopped showing delivery reports (even though it was delivering sms without any delay), and it was resolved once I cleared the internal memory by deleting some of the apps and by deleting most of the sms conversations. What a relief... Thank you so much for the advice!!!

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