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General X10 or Iphone 4

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 112wicked112, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. 112wicked112

    112wicked112 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Jul 23, 2010
    Hi Its time for me to get a new phone since my old blackberry curve just died. I am considering the iPhone 4 and the xperia x10 .

    These are the following things I want in a smartphone;

    -720p video capture
    -at least full day on charge battery life
    - video calling with rear or front camera (x10 has rear camera, can I use tht looking into a mirror)
    - elegant solid feel
    - games to pass time (I spend 1.5 hours on subways or transit every day)
    -wifi tethering

    Which cellphone would you guys recommend and why?


  2. dibberly

    dibberly Android Enthusiast

    Jun 29, 2010
    i think your going to get a 1 sided answer here especially when you post in a sony x10 forum lol...just like if you posted the same question in a apple iphone forum...they will all choose iphone!!

    Me being honest here...i have a x10 and even though i am happy with it i wished i had the iphone 4 - i think it just looks the business and alot more "up to date" in FW etc

    As my x10 was an upgrade once the iphone comes out on PAYG i am going to buy one.

    The x10 will update to android 2.1 later this year (i think i will be next year as SE updates are ALWAYS delayed) but the android platform is already on 2.2...so there going to update to a platform that most manufactures are using now!! but by then maybe the android platform will be even further advanced??

    With all the stuff you want to do on it eg: games, video calling etc i think you will be lucky to get a day out of the battery and think of it...also how daft will you look using a mirror to use video calling when the iphone already does it!!

    Also i am not sure if the x10 does 720p capture....dont think it does to be honest

    I know what i would go for but the choice is your and what you think of the phones

    btw i hate apple, never had an apple so wanting one (to me) really says something!!
  3. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    Jun 7, 2010
    To be fair though if the X10 gets 2.2 then it will be a strong contender to the ip4 and it will be getting 720 video recording when the update comes out at the back end of September but there are better android phones than the X10 so maybe look around a bit more.

    IMO any phone with 2.2 will give you what you want more than an ip4, off the top of my head Android 2.2 will give you the ability to turn the phone into a wifi hotspot so you dont need to tether the the phone just link your laptop to it the way you would to any wifi router and of course you have flash 10.1 which the ip4 will never get as Mr Jobs has said he wont allow the iphone to have it as flash has no place on a phone. But what he meant was "Your not getting flash as it will allow you to watch music videos and play games online and I will lose out on app sales and money if I cant charge you to play games and watch music videos on my phone"

    So what ever you get dont get an iphone 4 but then you are on an android forum and we like the option to do what we want to and put on our phones not what one bloke in an office thinks we should have.
  4. Brumbjorn

    Brumbjorn Member

    Jul 24, 2010
    The X10 has all those things, 720 capture after 3q update. The videocalling is possible over wifi with iphone, and with x10 over phone. But if you asking about videocalling, I dont really take your question seriously. That is such a useless feature.

    If it is a person you know you will get tired of seeing their face. I used video skype for a while, but what is the use? Perhaps taking a picture of the surroundings is more fun on videocalling.

    The X10 screen is much bigger than iphone 4 making it better for video, but giving shorter battery life.

    The main difference is that any android phone is much freer to use. Ie you can get tethering with x10, not with iphone. You can transfer files between different apps easily on android. I love that.

    So go for X10, or a newer android phone if there is one with a camera just as good.
  5. richardsilv

    richardsilv Newbie

    Jun 29, 2010
    iphone 4, apps for the x10 in UK is very limited compared to iphone market imo, my wifi doesnt work very good iv taken it back to phones 4 u and they offered to send it off to b fixed wtf they should've replaced it but would not, build quality of x10 is also poor wish i stayed with iphone now
  6. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    If video calling is a big issue, the iphone is not the phone for you. It's video calling.. sorry 'facetime' is awful.

    IMO i preferred the 3GS to the iphone 4 but meh. In reality it's better for battery life, better for apps, has a better screen etc. I'd still prefer my X10.
  7. knudsen81

    knudsen81 Android Enthusiast

    Jan 1, 2010
    yes i have a x10 and a 3gs, but will never ever buy a iphone 4 it's ugly and many bugs right now
  8. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    Jul 24, 2010
    iphone you have to use itunes ,,, yuk,,,

    drag and drop my music is a winner for me,,,

    export my contacts to sim,, x10 wins,,

    as for battery life its not great ,, but neither is iphone,, but x10 i can swap out battery or get larger capacity battery,,, not iphone,,,

    i think the only useful thing that x10 is lacking is no multi touch now or ever,, ( someone dropped the ball there)

    the speed of the x10 make my iphone look like its standing still,,,,

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