X10 Update By Country / Carrier


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We all know its due, so this thread is purely for you to say your location and carrier and what firmware you get.

There are seperate threads for issues/problems and discoveries.

Please do not post here until you have the update.

If you want to chat about the update in a general way CuBz has a great thread on the go, so lets keep the chat there.


Thank you for your support.


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Is it worse than the old stuff

Thinking i should keep my X10 STEALTH NOIR until they root 2.1

but really want Angry Birds lol


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OPTUS (Australia) using Debrand to Nordic Combined (B) Quick and update to 2.1 - xda-developers to make phone show that it has Nordic FW by only changing 4 numbers !! Piece a piss to do.
Using SEUS

Took less than 15 mins in total to do.

Now we wait for root again !!

I backed everything up with 91PCSuite before I upgraded so hopefully it restores it all back !


Already been done


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when will vodafone UK release 2.1?? and also i should be able to play angry birds lite beta on my x10 1.6 rite? but when i search for it in the android market, i cant dload it..


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I havent heard anything about 2.1 with O2 but I assume you'll have it by the end of the Month like most of us in the UK. Orange are normally one of the last companies to do updates and they said end of November to me.