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X10a not charging? :S

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by surf_r_dude, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. surf_r_dude

    surf_r_dude Member
    Thread Starter

    So I left my x10 charger at a friends house and I won't be able to pick it up till friday, so I tried using my families b;ackberry bold chargers (they all have blackberry bolds for some reason o_O) and I keep on getting the same result, it wont charge past 2 percent... :l Maybe the issue will be solved when I get my x10 charger back but until then im using a flip phone from 10 years ago (y)

    anybody have any idea why this is happening?

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  2. rosered

    rosered Android Expert

    The phones are very sensitive as to what charger they will let you use. I used my son's LG charger in error and thought I had broken the phone when it hadn't charged up overnight. Just a thought, will it let you charge via a USB that you have available to you and the PC instead?
  3. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    As rosered states, the X10 doesn't seem to agree with other mini USB chargers, which IMO is very stupid. I also tried charging mine with my girlfriends Blackberry charger, and it wouldn't charge, but when I tried it via USB on my computer with my old Nokia 5800 USB cable, it seemed to charge, but it took alot longer than it would usually take to charge using my x10 charger
  4. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Member

    This is a personal gripe of mine and the pickyness of the SE phone to chargers is not SE's fault. They are adhering to the USB standard laid out for everyone to follow. Apple is the real cause of the issue. Apple does not conform to the USB standard and because they are big and well known, charger manufacterers cater to them.

    The standard states that to let a device know that it is connected to a charger, the data lines must be shorted together. Apple however, prefers to see voltage on these lines and the voltage level tells the apple device how fast to charge (apple devices can charge at 2 speeds depending on how much juice is available).
  5. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    mine stopped accepting its original charger and now im using the fiancees's charger from her lg something or other, pretty sure its lg. but my charger will charger her phone but wont charge mine. weird.
  6. Merolas

    Merolas Android Enthusiast

    well the SE chargers also check the voltage level to set up the charge time. I've tried to use a car USB jack to charge mine and it did nothing not even lighting the Charge LED, but if i plug a Ipod It does charge. why I've said SE check the voltage is that my battery widget can detect whether i use my USB or wall charger, and through USB it takes like 6 hours to charge and with wall charger takes only 3 hours to full the phone from 5 to 100.
  7. professoryard

    professoryard Newbie

    I have a similar problem in that if I let the phone discharge to the point the red light comes on then 50%+ of the time it won't charge when plugged in. The icon at the top says it is charging but the light stays red and it never charges (or as some have said above it may only be charging a few %). Initially I noticed this using a Blackberry charger but it does the same with the charger supplied, but to a lesser extent.

    Basically I plug the phone in to the charger, remove and replace the battery and the yellowy green charger light then comes on and it will charge. Unfortunately I still have to do this each time normal charging fails but it's better than nothing.

    Hope this helps.
  8. lilirose

    lilirose Newbie

    I'm really glad to finally read that I'm not the only one with this issue. I was worried that something was wrong with my phone's micro USB port and I was eventually going to have to claim it on insurance. I have a crapload of micro USB cables and chargers but the only ones that have ever worked for charging my phone are the one that came with it and the one for my boyfriend's Samsung Galaxy Spica.

    And better yet, if I plug the cable that came with my phone into a car-lighter-to-USB to charge in the car, it doesn't bloody work.

    I use my phone very very heavily when travelling and have no options for charging when I'm on the go now. I don't want to buy a second battery because to be honest I'm probably going to switch to HTC as soon as my carrier offers me an upgrade...wish there was a better temporary solution.
  9. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Member

    Whether or not the x10 will charge when pluged in has nothing to do with the USB cable (unless the cable has been changed from a standard data cable). It has to do with what it sees on the connector pins.

    If you're interested, the standard which Apple does not follow is published here:

    USB.org - Approved Device Class Document Download

    Read the document under Battery Charging.

    To test this out, I took apart a cheap cigarette lighter USB charger that wasn't working and modified it to adhere to the standard... and my x10 would charge from it where it wouldn't before.
  10. lilirose

    lilirose Newbie

    Sparkdroid, if that is indeed the case, why doesn't my car-lighter-to-USB adapter work when I plug in the SE cable that came with my phone- the same one I use to charge my phone indoors every single day?

    I'm not talking about a separate charger, but rather a thing that lets me plug any USB cable into a car's cigarette lighter.
  11. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Member

    Because, like I said, the problem is not in the cable. The wiring arangement the x10 does not "like" is in the USB device. Because that "thing that lets you plurg any USB cable into a car's cigarette lighter" is also what should let your phone know it is connected to a "charging only device" by following the USB standards and shorting the data pins.

    If instead is shows a specific voltage on those pins, then the x10 will not recognize it as a charger and not charge your battery. Unfortunately, that behaviour is what Apple likes. Since Apple is popular, this is what the majority of these USB adapters do because they want to sell to the majority... even if that is not the accepted standard.

    Read this if you want to know what Apple prefers to do:
  12. lilirose

    lilirose Newbie

    Thanks, I get it now.

    I suppose I'm going to have to buy a car charger from SE...
  13. sparkdroid

    sparkdroid Member

    I found a solution (sortof) where the correct standard connection IS made in the cable. I bought an iGo cable from The Source (Canada) and adapter tip and it allows my x10 to charge from any charger. However, it cannot be used as a data cable for a laptop (since the data pins do not connect through). Just a thought... www.igo.com

  14. Juglistrix

    Juglistrix Newbie

    I had a similar problem with a charger i used.. I used a different charger and my phone kept doing stuff by itself .. Like sending msgs and opening up applications ... ( If the phone wasn't locked) But ut does charge the phone .. Iv done this a couple of times when i didn have my original charger with me .. do you think Iv caused any potrntial damage to my battery ?

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