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X2: Still a good choice?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tranzz, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. tranzz

    tranzz Member
    Thread Starter

    My Moto Droid "1" is slipping away it seems, and at 2 1/2 yrs old, some consider it a dinosaur. I'm awaiting the arrival of a package containing an X2, but I guess I'm wondering if I should try to hold out for another Motorola hardware release, drop all that money for a Razor, or what.

    Is the still camera ok on the X2, or lousy?

    What the....??? No front facing camera?

    What kinda battery life? Can I use it a reasonable amount through the day and get to my car charger at 4:00 or even home just fine?

    Is it fairly sturdy, or am I gonna wish I always kept it in the Otter box?

    What do you love about it or hate about it????

    Believe it or not there are no USER reviews I can find on this thing onsite.

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  2. SlickRick

    SlickRick Member

    I've had my DX2 for 6 months.
    The good: call quality, 3g and wifi work great, it's fast, all my apps run, good cam/video quality, the screen display is great even in sunlight, bluetooth works great with Ford Sync.
    The not so good: battery life is so-so (I've got the BH5X and BH6X bats), I have to change the bat by 3:00 if I use it alot. No front facing cam (I skype only at home, so no biggie for me). No 4g (I live in the country, so no biggie for me). I wouldn't call it sturdy, I use the otterbox at work and naked on the weekend. But I think if I dropped it naked, it'll break. I've had to reboot it a few times, Nav wouldn't work and the reboot got it working again.
    I like my DX2 alot but I came from a Eris (junk), so I'm easily impressed, lol. I haven't seen a Razor yet, I think it's 4g and I wanted a 3g phone. Check it out and return it if you don't like it.
    Good luck.
  3. Lycan84

    Lycan84 Lurker

    I like my X2 but wish I wouldn't have let the 14 day peroid lapse and got the droid 3. Battery life is ok but better with Juice defender app. not sure how sturdy it is haven't dropped it yet (had it for a while like 6 months or more) It is a decent phone. Some times randomly crashes? and reboots itself. All in all its my first "smart" phone so I dont have many complaints..
  4. utekking

    utekking Newbie

    I like mine but wish it was 4G. I had mine since release and unlike a lot of people. I never had any real issues with my phone. Reception is great, wifi works like it should, GPS is fast and right on. The only issue I had was random reboots, OTA's fixed that, and GPS problems shutting off. That seemed to be related to weather apps that were installed. everytime I loaded the wather app, GPS signal would never lock on. I use the stock widget now and never had an issue with it since then so I chalk that up to software issue as well.

    I have the extended battery and it lasts all day for me, But there are some days I use it really hard and other days I don't. So don't rely on me for that.

    If I had a choice and it may happen soon anyway, I would get rid of it for a 4G phone. No other reason at all....
  5. Scur

    Scur Android Expert

    I still have my X2, and I still love it, but I recently got a 4G phone. As much as I like my X2, I'll never get another non-4G again. It's just so freaking fast.
  6. chooven

    chooven Lurker

    I have had my DX2 since may and I am on my 5th replacement and still having the same types of problems with the bluetooth just stopping or disconnecting, it reboots at least once per day some time 5 and 6 times a day even during calls. and now I hear that MOTO isn't really working on updates and with the bootloader being locked the only option is live with it or keep setting up "like new" replacement phones.

    I would not tell anyone get the Droid X2 at any price.
  7. rottenpixies

    rottenpixies Member

    I have an X2 still and I love it...I have friends who have the Motorola Charge, Galaxy Nexus, EVO 3d, and lots of others... we put ours side by side and really can not find many differences. I agree with you that the Droid 1 is now a bit outdated, but the X2 should be good forever as far as im concerned. A dual-core processor on a phone, really how can that ever get out-dated? Just get that x2 and root it!
  8. MusicIsTheKey

    MusicIsTheKey Lurker

    A Factory Data Reset solved my problems regarding no functioning bluetooth and no 3G signal. I bought my X2 new back in June but had to get a replacement a few months later because the 3G suddenly stopped working. When the same problem happened again a few months later on my replacement phone (in addition to my bluetooth not working) I figured I'd try a Factory Data Reset before I tried to replace the replacement phone, and I haven't had any problems with 3G or bluetooth ever since. The Factory Data Reset even lessened the occurrence of reboots. Just make sure you have your contacts, apps, text messages, etc. saved before you do any sort of reset, though.
  9. MusicIsTheKey

    MusicIsTheKey Lurker

    I agree.

    For the longest time I was afraid to root my X2. But now that it is rooted, I haven't had a single reboot and it runs much faster. To the OP, if you decide to root any phone, just make sure to do your research and read up on how to do it.
  10. BimmerM3

    BimmerM3 Member

    I've had my X2 for about a month now, coming from an X, and I love it. I got it as a replacement when my X broke.. my only complaint is the lack of roms compared to my X. Other than that the phone is great. I rooted it on day 1 and installed eclipse. It runs great, super fast, I can tell a huge difference between it and the original X. The battery life isnt awesome.. but even with heavy texting and internet use I can make it till I go to bed with around 30% battery left. As for being sturdy.. I havent dropped mine yet (and hope not to) but having dropped my old X many times, usually without a case, it only got dinged up and the screen never cracked, so I would assume the X2 is similar. Im not sure if I would upgrade to the X2 at this point in time with the razr and galaxy nexus being such awesome phones.. but if you already have one on the way its a freakin sweet device. Definitely the best phone I've ever owned.. you cant go wrong with it!

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