Xbox 360 Connectivity Issues

Hello guys, I am having some issues when I try to use my new Galaxy s2 to play videos on my xbox 360. When I connect to my pc the phone enters kies mode and I can browse save delete files as normal. When I connect to my xbox 360 it enters kies mode but I have some other issues.

On the 360 dashboard, entering the "pictures" and "music" entries shows the device under portable usb. I can view pictures and listen to music normally. However, when entering the "videos" directory on the dashboard the device does not show up at all. Its very frustrating since this is how I watch most of my movies.

I have tried "usb debugging mode" to no success and am pretty confident that it isn't a video format issue as the films I am trying to view worked fine on my old blackberry. Any help you guys can give me would be great. Thanks!