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Xbox Live Avatar Widget: Not a true widget, but a great contacts shortcut.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Only Loki, Jun 13, 2010.

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    Xbox Live Avatar Widget.
    Version 1.8
    Price: Free/Donate (coming soon)
    Code (Text):
    Phone tested on:
    T-mobile G1 Rooted Over-clocked @ 576

    Walk through:
    First let me make clear that this app is classified as a widget, that means you have to access it through the widgets menu (menu/add/widgets/Xbox Live Avatar Widget). After locating and opening the widget app, you will find yourself at a menu with three tabs across the top; Main, Fav, and About.
    The about tab is just as it sounds, it contains the version number, developer's name, and at the bottom there is a link to the developers email account. The second tab is the Fav tab. Within it there is a list of gamer tags that you have saved. Gamer tags saved here seems to be cached, as, they appear without load times. You can remove a saved gamer tag/avatar by simply long pressing the listing. At the bottom of this tab therr is a lone advertisement.
    When the app is opened, the main tab is the default. Here is where the magic happens. There is a search bar, search button, a section where the avatar and gamer card appear, and a two buttons at the very bottom, save and add (pictured below). Simply search, and the gamer tag and avatar will appear. Although gamer tags are case-sensitive, the app is pretty good at finding the gamer tag you were looking for. If you look up a gamer tag that doesn't exist a blank gamer score card and silhouetted avatar will show up.
    Oddly when the gamer score card is displayed on screen, sections of it are highlighted as though they are interactive, but they are not. I'm guessing that this is a side affect of loading what is normally a live link that requires a sign-in into an app that doesn't.


    Doesn't require Xbox Live sign-in
    1x2 widget
    Corrects for case-sensitivity
    Can be used as a contacts shortcut

    Who I recommend download it:
    Anyone who has a lot of friends on Xbox Live with whom they also call frequently.
    People who like widgets and has space to fill on their home screens.
    People who miss the time when Myspace was relevant and wants to recreate their top eight using Xbox Live avatars.

    My recommendation to developer:
    Re-classify app as a Xbox Live contacts shortcut app.
    Merge with another Xbox Live app.
    Add a full screen widget that displays the avatars that are on-line (or 2x4)

    Star Rating and why:

    3 Stars (***)

    This is a solid application, I haven't witnessed any glitching or had any problems with it. The app is responsive and snappy and doesn't seem to bog down your active memory or storage space. It weighs in at just over 300kb. It is easy to use, straight forward and offers a feature that most will find really cool (using the avatar as contacts shortcut). This app is still relatively young and has room to grow, and a lot of potential. If Microsoft ever allows an outside source to animate there avatars this would be a great choice, although it probably won't happen on android.
    2 stars had to be deducted because, it just isn't what it says it is. This is not a widget, there isn't any interactivity what-so-ever with the avatar while its on screen. That is key if it wants to be classified as such. However it slightly makes up with this by being a great niche' contacts shortcut.


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