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XDA Eris Roll-up Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scary alien, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. scary alien

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    Looks like CaptainKrtek over at XDA has rebuilt / revised / updated the old all-inclusive Eris main thread over at XDA (I can't remember what the old thread was called). This is nicely organized (along the lines of the old thread by jcase, I think) and appears to be up-to-date and include some good stuff not in the old thread.

    [READ FIRST] Eris Roll-up Thread - xda-developers

    This updated thread has the following sections in it for your viewing pleasure (note: I didn't recreate the links in the info below so as to not create a divergent thread):

    Rooting/Rom Flashing/Radios/Recovery:

    All Current Radios
    Amon_Ra Recovery
    1 Click Eris Root
    Detailed Rooting
    Flash Recovery
    Flash Any RUU
    Flash Original Bootscreen W/Sound
    Koush's Any Kernel Flasher
    Make a Nandroid Backup
    Copy a ROM to your phone


    Cyanogen Tazz-By tazzpatriot
    Nonsensikal-By listyb01
    KaosFroyo-By punk.kaos
    TaintedTenzo-By tenzomonk
    Fresh Rom-By T.C.P
    Droid Does-By T.C.P
    xtrROM-By zach.xtr
    Buufed-By tazzpatriot
    CELB Froyo-By Conap
    Evil Eris-By Framework43
    ErisLightningBolt-By Conap
    RUU_Desire_C_Verizon_WWE_2.36.605.1_release_signed _with_driver.exe
    Retro Rom -By gnarlyc
    PlaneJane-By jcase
    ZenEXP-By .mak
    Aloysius-By Spencer_Moore
    CyangonERIS-By Framework43
    Cyborg Evolution-By Pantheon
    Sense-able-By Jamezelle
    TheCookieRom-By CPCookieMan
    Ic3ROM -By TopazAaron
    Eris Official-By ivanmmj


    ROMcustomizer-By Deman8899
    Droid Eris Market Fix-By Jcase
    Overclock Patch-By zanfur
    Eris Vendor Tree
    Droid Eris Nexus One Lockscreen W/out LWP-By jcase
    Flash 10.1
    Cricket/ Metro PCS Web/ MMS Flash
    DarkTremor Apps2SD


    Basic ROM Kitchen for Eris Cooks
    dsixda's HTC Kitchen


    Kudos to Captainkrtek and all the guys and devs over at XDA for keeping the Eris community hopping and still supporting us over here at AF!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    A wealth of info there. Thanks for that. :)

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