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XDA forums and some rude attitudes

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by gabx, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. gabx

    gabx Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi folks,

    I posted this thread on XDA forum (Cyanogenmod 9 Experimental build in Galaxy S2 original Android devlopment sub forum) a few mn ago. It has been immediatly delated by the mod, so I am trying to find an area of free expression where I can express my opinion.
    Hope this is the right place.
    Here is my post:

    Time for me to jump in this thread and express thoughs about some dev attitude, especially codeworkx's one.

    This afternoon I came across this thread, Xda turning dictatorship
    I know this guy was talking about your attitude, and your self suffisient tone. My post, as his post, will certainly be delated as it is NOT the right place, but I am sure some people will read it.

    To be clear, I admit you are doing a GOOD job, and lots of Android heads will love you as a god. You are certainly a gifted coder, and the time you spent working on an ICS port on SGS2 is with no doubt huge. Then, XDA forums are certainly full of stupid questions from people who don't ever take a few mn to google and try to find by themselve the answer. OK, I agree.
    BUT, are all this giving you the right to talk like you do? Do you really think posting this on G+ is the right attitude? Where is your notion of respect?

    "This would be needed to get the whole SHIT out of XDA." showing a picture of a wheel loader??

    Do you really think you can talk about human beings like that??

    If you really think XDA is full of shit, LEAVE,GET OUT. It is your right, nothing force you to post here. You work with Adam G?? This guy, I know, is doing a good job too, but doesn't post here so much as he doesn't like. OK, it is his right. But you, why do you do it?? Want to know? Because you want to be a litle bit famous, you want people talking about your great job, blah blah blah. OK, it is your right. But in this case, play the game !!! If you can't face the mob, just go and work for mikroweak, Sun or even Google.

    So please, stop being so rude. If some questions irritated you, just by pass, don't answer. Let the noobs find by themselves what is obvious.

    I have been following since a while now this thread about the Siyah Kernel for Samsung Galaxy S2

    1500 posts!! Almost impossible to follow when you need a particular answer. But the guy is doing a wonderful job, and NEVER went rude to anybody. Believe me, this thread is full of stupid questions. He just doesn't answer to obvious and stupid questions, that's all. easy.

    Please, read The Cathedral and the Bazaar. It is a 2001 book about open source and why Linux was so succesfull. Then, just say yourself that XDA IS THE BAZARR. So I am sure that even noob questions, with all their naivety, can sometime help to improve things. A good proof is the good speed of your progress since you started to post here. A few days ago, you came here to post your first pre-alpha build of ICS, and claimed "there will be no update". Come on, it is now your 5th update !!! And I am sure this thread helps the whole team to improve the build. I am confident that in just a feew weeks ahead, your build will be 100% practical. And yes, this progress can be, even for a small portion, due to noob questions.

    Man, we are talking about phone, Android 4 ICS and Cyanogenmod 9. How many people in the world are aware about what we are talking about?? Do you think our parents are really taking care of Cyanogenmod 9???

    So PLEASE cool down, relax. Keep working and devoting to your passion, let us benefit from your talents, but I ask you, sincerly, BE HUMBLE.

    You are just a talented code writer, nothing less, nothing more. You are just a human being, and we all are human beings. You are not God.

    I know this is not the right place for this post. So Mod, just move it if you want. I just wanted to express my opinion, and I am sure, some other people opinions who are fed up of being talked so rude when they ask stupid questions.

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  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique

    I have to say, XDA is usually a pretty nasty place. I rarely post but go there for tips, ROMs and any other info. This place is the best moderated, most congenial and fun forum I've found on the net. Stick around, we're all friends.
    Welcome to the forums!
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  3. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Speaking personally... I don't think that posting your rant regarding XDA on this forum is appropriate. And before I close this thread I'll provide you a brief list of my reasons why.

    First off your member account here at AF looks to be brand new. As such we can assume that you created this account specifically and for the sole purpose to post this rant against XDA.

    Second, while many here will readily admit that XDA's moderation policies are different from those enforced here, XDA is a privately owned web site and the rules are presumably approved by their site owner. Any with respect to XDA, Android Forums, or any other privately owned web forum the decision of the site owner is final.

    Now neither I nor anyone here personally condones any actions that might be construed as over-bearing or under-handed... but what you describe is an XDA issue and there is nothing we can do about it here. I'm sorry for what happened to you over there but neither I nor anyone else here can do anything to change it!

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