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Xiaomi Mi4C Camera

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 12noon, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. 12noon

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    I was trying to find out about this Chinese phone the other day, trying to find out what the pros and cons were and from surfing the net through lots of different web pages and forums i came to the conclusion that the Xiaomi Mi4C is a very good phone for the amount it costs you to buy.

    It's got a 5 megapixel front camera and a 13 megapixel rear camera and the software that takes the pictures does a very good job. i've seen some of the resulting photos and they are on par with some of the better phone cameras on the market.

    If anyone else would like to comment on the camera quality and software i'd be happy to read what you say because i wouldn't mind getting my hands on this phone and giving it whirl myself.

  2. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    I've got one coming Monday, bought it out of curiosity from a friend.
  3. septembersrain

    septembersrain 句_句 Smurfing Awesome

    This phone is actually pretty darn amazing. Almost no lag, the screen feels very nice to the touch. It's a tiny bit of a fingerprint magnet but not bad enough to annoy me. MIUI is great because the customization is incredible. Camera isn't too bad either. Overall, a lot of phone for little money.
  4. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    The camera is really good for a phone of that price range. The sensor is a Sony IMX258 which is good enough tech to be on par with high grade phones. How it behaves depends on the software and can be changed with different camera apps. The default miui one is really great though with very low shutter speed. The only thing that basically all of the phones struggle with is low light pictures with no flash. Photos don't come out great under those circumstances.

    The team is issuing weekly updates still I think and are working on 1440 resolution recording, but I'm not really interested in that.

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