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XiiaLive Lite [DroidLive]: Shoutcast on your android device

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by nikolatesla20, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. nikolatesla20

    nikolatesla20 Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 3, 2009
    Play any shoutcast stream
    Basically what I found the best player for my uses - I used to listen to shoutcast streams all the time at work, specifically Techno (Digitally Imported channels) or Goa channels. XiiaLive (formerly named DroidLive) is a streaming music player than can play shoutcast streams over 3G with ease.

    Main screen


    Search screen

    I have a one hour commute to work and use this app all the time to listen to different streams. You can search for genre, artist, or other queries to find the channels you want. One day I even found a "Tech Talk" channel to listen to on the way to work! My phone does get pretty warm while using this application but I'm sure it's because it takes come CPU power to decode the MP3 streams. In all truth, I actually still am using the app when it was named DroidLive (I have not upgraded to the newest version yet), and it works great.


    Sound effects so you dont have to look
    The application has some sound effects that it uses to indicate that it's connected to a stream and buffering, or that it has lost the stream connection. I like the sound effects since it lets you know what's going on - for example, if you lose the music all of a sudden and the app plays the "boop-boop" sound you know it's because you have lost some of your data connection (and it's not just something else weird like your phone dying). The app then continously tries to reconnect every 3 or 4 seconds or so until it can continue. No having to reach over and press play to get going again.


    Favorites and tagging
    You press the big "+" button to add a channel to your favorites. The only problem with this button IMO is it's too big! It's easy to accidentally hit it especially if you are fumbling around while driving (see "improvements" section below for comments on that). You can also look at history from the main app page to see what channels you've listened to, and click on them to quickly connect to them again.

    Cooperation with other apps
    Some other nice features are: Stopping play automatically when someone calls, or when you unplug the headphone jack.

    I have seen several comments about users that have a lot of dropouts, but I've never had dropouts except in areas where I always lose all signal (even my phone signal). You do need a good 3G connection though, and I have a 15 mile stretch during my commute where I can't use XiiaLive because I'm only on 1X data.

    Improvements for the future
    However, the one thing this app could do better is have larger buttons and a brighter user interface. The buttons are pretty hard to hit while you are driving and hard to see in the car during the day since the whole user interface is dark colors. Something like a "car mode" would be nice. Also, it would be nice if you could adjust the buffer size to better compensate for you own local data connection behaviors. During my commute I have about 2 stretches of highway where I will lose my connection for about 1 mile or so. If I could crank up the buffer size I could theoretically make it past those two sections without a hiccup.

    In the end though this is a great streaming app, and while I have yet to buy the paid version, this version shows ads, so the developer still makes some scratch of my usage, which is good since they do continue to fix bugs and make improvements.



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  2. Howie

    Howie Well-Known Member

    Oct 28, 2009
    Central NY
    Agree, tried it a few times and works good.
  3. Mikey P

    Mikey P Well-Known Member

    Jul 22, 2010
    Finally an app to listen to Howard Stern, love it.
  4. pWndYke


    Nov 20, 2010
    I'm only 13 xD
    Very nice review 5/5.

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