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XOOM accessories

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by prassu, May 24, 2011.

  1. prassu

    prassu Guest
    Thread Starter

    Why are the XOOM accessories (the Screen protector & Xoom back case) are so costly :( ? I could see the IPAD accessories so cheap and they are even available in Poundland.
    May be as time goes by and more people start using XOOM, the prices would come down.

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  2. jaiotu

    jaiotu Member

    iPad accessories are cheap because of market saturization. The iPad still owns the tablet market and so manufacturers are targeting the iPad. Also, since there are only two form factors for Apple tablets, the iPad and the iPad2, manufacturers only have to retool their shops to support those two devices. Android tablets differ in size and form factor from one another so sharply that a manufacturer must completely retool their equipment to push out accessories for the Xoom, Asus Tranformer, Galaxy Tab, etc. in order to produce accessories for the many devices. For most manufacturers, this is cost prohibitive. They'll stick to churning out accessories for the iPad. The few remaining manufacturers who are willing to produce Xoom accessories therefore don't have as much competition... so they can charge more.

    With the iPad, you have a bigger choice in which screen protector to buy. Typically, you will buy whatever is cheaper, so everyone producing iPad screen protectors drops their prices to compete.

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