Help xperia e slow. help.


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alright guys.

the missus has a xperia e and its really slow. and she isnt interested in getting a different phone. so my plan was to root it and put a custom rom on it to make it a fairly bit quicker. has any one on hede donethis? let me know please if it makes any difference to the perfomance of the phone if it is rooted? :) thanks


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You don't root to put a custom ROM on it, because flashing a custom ROM wipes everything off the phone - including the rooting you did. Most custom ROMs are already rooted.

But don't expect a slow phone to speed up by changing the ROM. You'll see a speed-up at first, because flashing a new ROM wipes off all the installed apps. Then, when she starts stuffing the phone with apps again, she'll reach a point at which it slows down again.

The problem isn't the ROM, it's putting more apps in the phone than it can handle - it needs a little free storage space to run properly.

If she uninstalls the last few apps she installed (application manager, choose the app, clear its data, clear its cache, uninstall), she'll probably find that the phone gets a bit faster. (She may have to turn it off, then turn it on to see a speed-up.)

Bottom line is that there's no way to put a gallon of milk into a quart container. The phone has as much storage space as it has, and you can't stuff it so full that there's not enough for the phone itself to use.


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yeah i understand that you cant make a budget phone run like an S4. but when she basically uses phone for its purpose messaging cmera and browsing also with maybe 10 apps personally installed is should be run ok. and yeah ino that rooting deletes everything. i had a HTC desire for a while and rooting that seemed to make it faster and more efficient. was just curios thats all