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Xperia Play 4.0.A.2.368 Update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Digital Jester, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Anyone else had this update yet? I got it yesterday (Unbranded UK handset on Orange) but aparently it's been out for over a week according to some.

    The official update info says it adds:

    • xLOUD

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  2. sircube

    sircube Lurker

    Hi, with this update the battery life went dramatically down (battery drained 50% faster even in idle). Now with idle phone I can survive about 20 hours. Crap!!!!
    This is more than sux. There suggestions over the Internet (e.g. set network operator manually) but that does not work.
    Experienced the same?
  3. Superdood

    Superdood Lurker

    First off thanks to digital jester for the comprehensive write up but unfortunately the update is killing my battery life too so i wouldn't recommend the update to people until it gets sorted. Since the update the battery usage is showing that apps I haven't used are using up huge percentages of the battery (maps, sky map etc) even if I kill the process
  4. dudeofrude

    dudeofrude Member

    I love the update, all the new little tweaks are great but i have to agree with the battery problem, been having to charge twice a day since update and thats without playing games
  5. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Honestly can't say that I've noticed any problems with the battery, but it's rare that I go more than half a day without charging it anyway.
  6. nabgangsta

    nabgangsta Newbie

    How come i have not received this update? Orange UK
  7. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Is your device branded? If it is it's up to the carrier (Orange) to decide when (if at all) software updates are released. I know Orange likes to fill their Android handsets with loads of junk you can't remove so that may factor into why the update hasn't been released.
  8. daveh182

    daveh182 Lurker

    I have a unbranded xperia play (by which I mean there is no orange logo on my phone) and have not recieved this update my friend on 02 has recieved this where do you get this update from? as i've tried to download it? if someone can respond to daveh182@hotmail.com as I don't come here often regards.
  9. clutton86

    clutton86 Newbie

    To the people complaining about the battery I had the same problem I found that when I deleted the weather widget and uefa app the battery went back to normal lasting easily a day with quiet frequent use hope this helps
  10. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Yea I removed the uefa app pretty much strait away so that might be why I didn't notice a drain on the battery.

    @Dave: try connecting your phone to your PC and trying to update it with the SE PC companion. If this doesn't do it I'm not really sure what the problem could be.
  11. nabgangsta

    nabgangsta Newbie

    It think is debranded because it has no orange logo on it..
  12. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Well like I said I'm on Orange too with an unbranded Play and I received my update directly to my phone so it's definitely out there. Have you tried manually searching for an update or connecting it to the PC companion?
  13. nabgangsta

    nabgangsta Newbie

    Yes ive tried both of them..?
  14. Digital Jester

    Thread Starter

    Hmmm... I really don't know what to suggest then other than contacting Sony Erricson.

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